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  • Metacrawler - A terrific combination of search engines
    Yahoo! - one of the original search vehicles
    - the newest engine from the minds at Stanford... relevant hits
    Yahooligans - a great jumping off point for the younger set
    Mamma - "the mother of all search engines" another meta search site
    Excite - customize start page, chat, paging
    AltaVista - search engine from Digital Equipment
    Beyond the Black Stump - categorized link list, constantly updated, over 15,000 links! 
    My Virual Reference Desk - one-stop for all things internet - over 15,000 links!
    News Trawler - search news from sources all over the world
    Links2Go - a computer generated list of links - searching millions of pages for you
    Kids Search Tools - search tools for kids, screened and selected sites
    Librarians Guide to Cyberspace - prescreened sites to take your young ones to
    Armstrongs Choice Search Engines - nice collection of search engines and resources categorized and defined
    - a combination portal, search site from some heavy hitters
    NBCi - formerly, a web portal from the people at NBC - C-nets search engine
    The Big Hub - Mega Search site, semi portal
    Encyberpedia - "the living encyclopedia in cyberspace" - the place to find video or audio items on the net - formerly the mining co., human powered web guide, good resource
    100Hot - killer collection of the top 100 sites by category 
    TopTen Links - over 900 top ten web sites, rated by websurfers like you - top 1000 sites, categorized and rated by hits - categorized web guide - comprehensive starting point
    Critical Mass - very comprehensive web guide
    Linkopedia - web guide featuring top ranked sites
    NetFinder USA - Mega web guide
    The Portal - web portal, another good starting point - all-encompasing web guide
    NetGuide - web guide from CMP
    CitySearch Bay Area - entertainment, movies, events, sports in the bay area
    - find people and call with one click - reverse directory listings too!
    Miarabilis - home of ICQ (I Seek You) the web's most popular Instant Messenger 
    Beatrice's Web Guide - Directory with an emphasis on women's interests 
    Starting Point - web guide
    Infospace - categorized directory of web stuff
    Robins FYI - another good collection of links, updated most Fridays
    TV Data - everything on TV, customized by zip code
    TV Guide - the old standby, the net version


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