• Talk City - chat, free e-mail, more

    America Online - the grandaddy, web searching, e-mail, messaging web based service also available

    WBS - over 2 million members, home pages, chat, etc..

    Xoom - free 5meg web page, community stuff

    HotMail - free e-mail, adding buddy lists, news and more

    Excite - online service with free e-mail, chat, IM, etc

    Infoseek - chat, IM, news, adding free e-mail

    Yahoo! - one of the original, free e-mail, chat, instant messaging, etc

    Angelfire - free home pages, good tools for page building, mail, etc

    Tripod - home pages, chat, message boards

    Switchboard - free e-mail, IM, more

    WhoWhere - free e-mail, free personal home pages, classifieds, etc

    The Globe - chat, home pages, shopping

    GeoCities - free e-mail, home pages, chat, search, shopping, etc.

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