Chickenhead.com - satirical webzine - pretty funny stuff  

Cagles Cartoon Index - editorial cartoon index Microsoft, Lewinsky, more  

Ha!- a good source for jokes, you need shockwave 

Lycos Gamesville - play free games and win real money  

Big Prizes - another game site that pays  

LaughNet- great joke page, well categorized   

Funology.com- good kids site, jokes and games   

80's Games - play your favorite first gen arcade video games

E-Mail bumper stickers -a nice collection of stickers to personalize your e-mail 

BoxerJam- addictive word game you play over the net

Fun Trivia- great collection of trivia, searchable 

E-Zone- family fun, shockwave games, downloads   

TriviaBytes -another good one, sound clips from movies and TV 

Gameshow.com - on line gaming just like T.V.  

Uproar.com - online entertainment for really smart people - puzzles,trivia,sports, etc.

Squidleys Reef - an eclectic collection of web surfing sites

 Wacky WWW links - over 400 links, regularly updated  

Card Trick Central - want to be the life of the party? 

Former Child Star Central- ever wonder what happened to whats his face? 

Amused.com - got some time to kill?..check this out  

Bob's Fridge Door - cybersatirist, pretty funny stuff  

Gamespot - the ultimate gamer spot, links, reviews  

Games Domain- walkthrus, cheats, reviews, downloads   

All Game Guide- news, reviews, previews of new consoles 

GameZone online - another gamer resource, the pc gamer connection  

Playsite - another game site, no software to download to play several games online  

Headbone Zone - Chicago Sun Times game page 

MessageMates - great FREE animated messages to send to your friends 

Spinner.com - get your own virtual boombox with over 100 channels of music - FREE  

The Fart Farm - use your imagination   

Upfront Entertainment - you've gotta check this one out  

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland's most recent claim to fame   

BeZerk Entertainment - "You Don't Know Jack - the netshow" wacky, irreverent trivia 

Riddler.com - more net games  

Calorie Counter - enter the food, find out the calories including franchise fast foods   

Santa Cruz, CA - all the Santa Cruz info you need right here 

GameGuides - guides, cheat codes, more for all types of games 

CheatsWorld - nice collection of cheats for multi platforms, well organized   

Cheat Code Central - ultimate cheat code site for all platforms  

MSN Zone.com - Microsoft's "free" over the net gaming area

 click here to go to the Sony playland - Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Trivial Pursuit and more
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