C-Net home - An awesome site filled with great stuff
The Free Site - a guide to all things free on the net
NoNags - a great spot for locating the best of freeware on the net
Microsoft - Love 'em or hate 'em they are the kings
Netscape - How the other half lives
25 Most Useful sites -from ZD net and Yahoo Internet Life
PC World Magazine
Windows Magazine
The Industry Standard - the magazine of the internet economy 
Ziff-Davis - computer magazine kings
Readers Digest World - lots of great info..home repair, gardening, cooking and more
HoaxBusters - from the department of energy, a good place to check out e-mail hoax's before passing them on. 
Hoaxes and Urban Legends -up to date info from About.com - check here before forwarding those e-mails to all your friends
911 Virus Alert.com - another good source of new virus and hoax information
World Skip.com -news, information, products and services from EVERY country on this planet  
High School Hub - academic resource for High School students - help with homework  
Homework Help - another good homework resource for grades K-12
Dead People Server - kinda weird, but if you want to find out if someone has passed on...
Atomic Clock - set your computer clock correctly
Desktop Heaven - over 2000 themes available, wallpaper and screensavers, updated frequently
Themes Unlimited - terrific site, well organized, tons of stuff
Original Look -screen savers, wallpaper, skinz, themes and lots more
Harmony Central - musicians resource, guitar tabs, links
Ultimate Guitar Archive - tabs, chords, lessons, links and lots more
Investormap.com - your one-stop shop for all kinds of financial info
DowJones - from the kings of daily investor advice, the Wall Street Journal 
Financial Data Finder - great list of links for all types of financial information from Ohio state
Stock Market Information - java stock ticker, quotes on any stock, much more
Homeweb - real estate questions??...check here
Findlaw.com - Internet Legal resources one click away
Law.com - your portal to the law 
Virual Law Library - Indiana State U. law library
NoLo press - all kinds of legal advise
The Webtender - your online bartender
Search Systems - excellent resource of free public database information
Woodys Office Portal - everything for Microsoft office
Fix Windows.com- good place to find help with Windows O/S problems
Internet Card Central - the place to find free web postcards to send to your friends, kinda cool
DaveCentral - good spot to find software downloads
Developer.com - technical advise for true web nerds now a part of earthweb
Boogie Jacks - lot's of free goodies to spruce up your site
Gamelan - tons of Java programs, the "official" directory of Java now also a part of earthweb
Search Engine Watch - find out how to make your site more visible
PageTutor - so you want to make a webpage? great tutorial for webmaster basics
WebTools - courtesy of CMP, another good spot for webmaster info 
My Imager.com - online image editor, dozens of tools, all FREE - simple to use
My Computer.com - nice collection of web tool resources for webmasters; counters, java, polls, stats and much more
WebGFX - another good collection of webmaster tools, graphics generator, web page creator, logos, nav bars, etc.
Mega Web Tools - excellent collection of web authoring tools, animated gifs, scripts, etc.
Animated GIF archive - nice collection of free animated GIFS, well categorized
Animation Factory -over 13,000 free animated GIFs and clipart
Web Page Graphics - another good collection of web graphic links and other webmaster tools
Cool Archive.com - archive of clip art, sounds, buttons, icons -"the ultimate webmaster archives"
Web Reference.com - webmaster's reference library
WebMonkey - hot wired's web builders resource area
Builder.com - c-nets web builders resource site
Shareware.com - another c-net great, loads of great shareware with search capability

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