Halloween Funology - nice site with crafts and other fun Halloween diversions - excellent site with techniques and free patterns to make a truly awesome pumpkin - site is FOR SALE - stories, games, links and more
Beltway Sniper from Yahoo - information regarding Washington DC area sniper attacks
Iraq update - US Dept of State site with info on Iraq situation 
September 11 Digital Archive collecting, preserving and presenting the history of the 9-11 attacks 
America Remembers - from CNN a look back on all that happened that fateful day 
54th Annual Emmy Awards - television awards Sept 22 
Labor Day - history of the origins of Labor Day from the DOL 
Annie's Labor Day page -links, info and more 
Wildland fires - somethings burning!! 
44th Grammy Awards - music awards February 27 
St. Patricks Day  find out why everyone is Irish on this day  official site of the 74th annual Academy Awards - March 24 
Christmas on the Net; Christmas games, crafts, stories and more from holidays on the net 
Online Christmas songbook excellent collection of songs for the holiday - old fashioned holiday traditions on the net 
Christmas recipes find all your Christmas favorites here dreidels, menorahs, recipes and more

Kwanzaa a celebration of family, community and culture

America Strikes Back   follow the information on our response to 9/11 terrorist attacks 
Emergency and Relief information courtesy of Yahoo - one click to help victims of tragedy 
World Trade Center Tenants from the Washington Post 
"Greetings America, my name is Osama bin Laden -1999 Esquire interview with a mad man 
Usama bin Laden  -declaration of war against U.S. in 1996 
Christoper Columbus - excellent links page with all info on CC in honor of his day 
Where's Chandra Levy news and links related to the missing intern
Code Red Virus information on protecting yourself from the latest net worm
Webby Awards -5th annual "oscars of the web" awards"..the nominees are in
Independence Day Web resources -from wallpapers, screensavers and plenty more
Billy Bears 4th of July page -fun stuff for the kids to celebrate the U.S. birthday
Fathers Day page for Fathers Day - don't forget Dad,
Billy Bears Fathers Day -a page for the kids to celebrate Dad,
Air Traffic Control Center -flying somewhere this summer?...check out the delays right here
California Energy Crisis - Cal ISO site, up to the minute power demand,
How the energy crisis happened -from how stuff works - find out why this happened
Operation Northern Watch web site for the combined task force that enforces the Iraqi no fly zone
Web Taxes - file for FREE over the web with industry leader TurboTax also Taxcut from H&R Block
Easter on the Net - coming on tax day this year, April 15
Chinese New Year -celebrate the year of the Snake 1-24 to 2-11 - from Planetsucks, a site for those who love or hate the show
Veterans Day - from the Department of Veteran affairs -
Thanksgiving - site - lots of nice content
Thanksgiving on the Web - nice list of web links to other Thanksgiving sites
Billy Bears Thanksgiving Page - as usual some great stuff for the kids
Annies Thanksgiving Page - well organized with a Christian point of view-
JonBenet Ramsey - comprehensive list of links to this still unsolved crime
What's New Too! - new sites are added to the web every day, here they are
Cool site of the hour - every hour a new site is featured
Starting Page - a good collection of Monica links
Check back here - updated frequently

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