• ABC News



    MSNBC - Microsoft and NBC team up

    Editor & Publisher Mediainfo - searchable database of worldwide media

    AJR Newslink - another huge listing of all types of media

    Crayon - create your own electronic newspaper, free

    Skeletons in the closet - As elections draw nearer, find out about all the candidates

    E-Online - Cables "E" Channel...good entertainment news and gossip

    Mr. Showbiz - another entertainment and gossip source 

    MovieFinder - your complete movie connection, reviews, features and more 

    Internet Movie Database - if it's on film or tape, you'll find it here 

    Movie Reviews - Cinema 1 Reviews updated recently e-zine style

    More Movie Reviews - Links to several other movie reviewers and reviews

    Still More Movie Reviews - Hollywood Online: reviews, synopsis, links to websites, more

    The Flick Filosopher - "girl movie critic" 

    Mr Cranky rates the movies - an alternative point of view

    Cinemachine - movie review search engine

    KNBR - THE Sports Leader in bay area radio

    Mancow - the free speech radio network...funny stuff 

    USA Today 

    San Jose Mercury - Silicon Valleys newspaper

    GoodTimes - local Santa Cruz weekly

    Metro Santa Cruz - the other local weekly

    New York Times

    Washington Post

    The Drudge Report - extensive listing of media links - great search feature

    L.A. Times

    San Francisco Chronicle

    The Industry Standard - weekly newsmagazine of the internet economy - excellent

    Slate - Microsofts e-zine, featuring top stories from all forms of printed media

    The Onion - a satirical e-zine featuring todays top stories

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