• Whitehouse - straight to the top

    U.S. Government directory - courtesy of Yahoo!

    Federal Web Locator - comprehensive, updated, searchable - great site - looking for anything government related?..start here

    Census Information - your source for social, demographic and economic information

    FBI Electronic Reading Room - freedom of information act documents on Elvis, Marilyn, gangsters

    Capitol Watch - daily news site, lots of good resources for federal govt

    FedStats - over 70 agencies supplying these for your info

    California State Government - nice directory of all California government

    California Department of Motor Vehicles - check out their new search engine for personalized plates, forms, etc.

    California Voter Foundation - links to many voter sites

    Freedom Channel - political video on demand, search resources, nice on-line voter registration tool

    Whitehouse 2000 - good general search site for all info on upcoming elections

    C-Span Campaign 2000 - excellent resource for political information 

    Library of Congress - the pentultimate research site

    Thomas' Bill Search - find any pending legislation by keyword or bill number 

    California State Senate

    IRS answer questions, download forms, etc

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