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On March 9, 2001, Richard Stone passed away from pancreatic cancer. Stone was an integral part of the WB cartoon revival of the 1990s, coming in as a composer during the run of Taz-Mania and Tiny Toon Adventures, and quickly establishing himself as a person who had a total love and dedication to making cartoon scores. He composed the themes and scored episodes of Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain, Freakazoid!, and Histeria! among others. Without his musical genius, these shows would not have been the same. He came closest to the style established by the great Carl Stalling than perhaps anyone ever has, throwing in recognizeable musical "cues" for particular on-screen actions (and some not-so-recognizeable, such as a "windshield cue" I asked him about which he explained was an in-joke between himself and Steve Bernstein). During Animania IV, as the group was leaving Studio 1 following the scoring session for the Animaniacs cartoon Bingo, I stayed behind to speak to Stone (who also conducted the orchestra), and tell him how much I, as a composer myself, admired what he did for the shows. At the time, Vol. 2 of The Carl Stalling Project just had been released, in the liner notes of which Stone was quoted. I suggested to him that perhaps one day someone would be compelled to make a CD of his best cartoon scores. If that ever happens, it sadly also will be done posthumously. Richard Stone, who won seven Emmy awards for his work on WB cartoons, was 47 years old.

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E 1 Patty Ann lyrics -- Romance
E 1 Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain theme
#95 Hooray for North Hollywood -- Mister Plotz; Schmooze; L.A. Dot; etc.
#93 Here Comes Attila
#93 Acquaintances -- We Won't Ever Leave; The Warner Bunch
trl Christmas 1997 trailer -- Please Come Join Us

Only the first appearance of each song is listed. For example, Yakko's Universe is listed only as being in Episode 3, despite also appearing in Episode 50.


Ep. Title -- Songs (some)

# 1 Animaniacs Theme with all variable verses
# 1 The Monkey Song
# 1 Nighty-Night Toon (Transcription)
# 2 Yakko's World
# 2 Pinky and The Brain Introduction (2 Variations)
# 2 Cookies For Einstein -- Open Your Doors; The Acme Song
# 3 H.M.S. Yakko lyrics
# 3 Slappy Squirrel Introduction
# 3 Slappy Goes Walnuts -- Acme Snax; Carousel of Walnuts
# 3 Yakko's Universe
# 4 Hooked on a Ceiling -- Come See Us
# 5 Taming of the Screwy -- The Studio Shrink; The Etiquette Song
# 6 Warner parody of Flipper theme
# 6 What Are We?
# 7 Piano Rag -- Joe From Kokomo
# 7 When Rita Met Runt -- Humans Ain't What They Seem To Be
# 8 Warner's Lot parody of Gilligan's Island theme
# 8 The Big Candy Store -- The Candyman's Swell
# 8 Bumbie's Mom -- Bumbie, the Dearest Deer
# 9 Wally Llama -- Llama Llama Llama
#10 King Yakko -- Let the Anvils Ring; In Dear Old Anvilania
#11 No Pain, No Painting -- Frère Warner
#11 Les Miseranimals lyrics
#12 West Side Pigeons lyrics
#13 Hello Nice Warners -- The Hills Are Quite Full
#13 Hip Hippos Introduction
#13 La Behemoth lyrics
#16 Chalkboard Bungle -- Our First Day of School
#17 Roll Over, Beethoven -- Clean Your Flue for You; Writin' Hooey
#17 The Cat and the Fiddle -- A Place Called Home (Somewhere)
#18 Chicken Boo Introduction (2 Variations)
#18 Nothing But the Tooth -- Call Doctor Yakko
#21 Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago -- Lincoln; Gettysburg
#21 Wakko's America
#21 Davy Omelette theme
#23 Be Careful What You Eat
#25 Hercule Yakko -- We Haven't Got a Clue
#25 Rita and Runt Introduction
#25 Home On De-Nile -- All Wrapped Up in Love
#26 Sir Yaksalot -- A Happy Place is Camelot; Square Dance
#28 Moby or Not Moby -- Captain Ahab, You're a Dummy
#29 Phranken-Runt -- Try For Two/Three; Use Your Brain; Hands-On
#30 Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled -- Hades; Government; Purgatory
#30 Moon Over Minerva -- Be My Love
#30 Skullhead Boneyhands -- The Mister Skullhead Show
#31 O Silly Mio -- Darling, I Love You
#31 Puttin' on the Blitz -- We'll Always Be Together; Reconciled
#32 The Planets
#34 Clown and Out -- You'll Never Laugh Alone; When the Whippoorwill
#34 Bubba Bo Bob Brain -- Empty Hollow Head; King of the World; Fish
#35 Animaniacs Stew episode lyrics
#35 Katie Ka-Boom Introduction
#36 The Three Muska-Warners -- Musketeers; Lullaby; Hup 2 3 4
#37 Boot Camping -- Drill; Do Your Ears Hang Low?
#38 Spell-Bound songs by Minstrel Mouse Pinky
#39 Smitten With Kittens -- Milk, Please, Mama; I'm Nobody's Mama
#41 Broadcast Nuisance -- Sam'n'Ella's
#41 Goodfeathers Introduction
#43 Of Nice and Men -- Monterey; Stereotypical View; Bunny Beds
#43 Survey Ladies -- In the Mall
#44 The Senses Song
#44 Kiki's Kitten -- Stomach's Empty and I Need to Find Food
#45 Mary Tyler Dot parody of Mary Tyler Moore theme
#47 Video Review lyrics
#47 Goodbye Song parody of Carol Burnett Show
#48 Mobster Mash -- Italian Song; Warner Waiter Two; Before You
#48 Lake Titicaca
#48 Icebreakers -- Florida; Short End of the Stick; Go it Alone
#49 A Christmas Plotz -- Many Years Ago; Mean Old Man; Lots to See
#49 Little Drummer Warners -- We Three Shepherds
#50 Slippin' on the Ice parody of Singin' in the Rain
#50 'Twas the Day Before Christmas (Transcription)
#50 Jingle Boo -- Jingle Boo
#51 Branimaniacs
#51 The Warners and the Beanstalk lyrics and transcription
#51 Frontier Slappy -- Daniel Boone; Slappy Squirrel
#52 The Brave Little Trailer (Transcription)
#53 I'm Cute
#54 Meet Minerva -- It's Not Pretty Being Me
#55 Gold Rush -- Hear the Crickets and the Froggies
#55 Dot's Quiet Time
#56 Animaniacs French Theme with notes and translation
#56 Schnitzelbank
#57 Of Course You Know, This Means Warners -- On the Homefront
#57 Up a Tree -- Corn; Dizzy; Fraidy Cat; Is This My Destiny?
#59 Woodstock Slappy -- What'm I Singin' For; Crackers; Tomato
#60 Karaoke-Dokie -- Tell Me All About Your Feelings
#60 Cranial Crusader -- Johnny Badnote
#61 Baloney and Kids -- Imagine Song; The Anvil Song; We Love You
#62 Scare Happy Slappy -- It's Halloween
#62 Witch One -- The Judge; Like a Cat; Still There's You and Me
#65 The Warners' 65th Anniversary Special -- Warners; Gookie; Disco
#66 Take My Siblings, Please -- The Hunk From Upumema
#67 Pigeon on the Roof lyrics
#67 Coo song left over from West Side Pigeons
#69 I'm Mad
#70 Slappy & Skippy Introduction
#70 A Quake! A Quake!
#71 Variety Speak
#71 Three Tenors and You're Out and "Finale" lyrics
#72 U.N. Me
#73 A Hard Day's Warners -- Running From Our Fans; They Want to Laugh
#74 The Tiger Prince (Surprises in Life) parody of Circle of Life
#74 All the Words in the English Language
#74 The Kid in the Lid (Transcription)
#75 The Presidents Song
#77 Multiplication
#78 The Sound of Warners lyrics
H 2 The Girl with the Googily Goop lyrics
H 2 Gunga Dot (Transcription)
H 2 Dot's Entertainment lyrics
H 2 Valuable Lesson -- Cute and Fuzzy Snugglers
H 5 Panama Canal
H 5 Hello Nurse
H 5 Ballad of Magellan
H 5 The Big Wrap Party Tonight
#83 One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock -- Rocket Rat
#84 Cutie and the Beast -- Cutie and the Beast; Dot; Be a Pest
#84 Noël
#85 Jokahontas -- Just the Same Old Heroine; Ice Cream Song
#85 Mighty Wakko at the Bat (Transcription)
#87 From Burbank With Love -- Big Fat Bars of Gold are Forever
#87 When You're Traveling...
#90 Mindy in Wonderland excerpts
#91 Back in Style -- Obese Orson; Night Traveler
#91 Bones in the Body
#92 Dot - The Macadamia Nut
#93 Acquaintances -- We Won't Ever Leave; The Warner Bunch
#93 Here Comes Attila
#95 Hooray for North Hollywood -- Mister Plotz; Schmooze; L.A. Dot; etc.
trl New Show: Animaniacs on Fox trailer
trl Deck the Halls trailer
trl Do you Have a Craving? trailer
trl 12 Days of Christmas trailer
trl Put a Brain in the White House trailer
trl That's All We've Got trailer
trl Big Kids Go First trailer
trl Captain Planet trailer
trl Christmas 1997 trailer -- Please Come Join Us
trl Titanic parody trailer
trl Wakko's Wish movie trailer
trl Animaniacs Week trailer
trl Animaniacs Christmas Eve on The Hub trailer
trl Animaniacs on The Hub trailer
vid Yakko's World: An Animaniacs Sing-Along theme
alb Traveling Animaniacs from Yakko's World
alb A Quake! A Quake! from Yakko's World
alb The Hello Song from Yakko's World
alb Several Drops of Rain from Yakko's World
alb I'll Take An Island from Yakko's World
alb There's Only One of You from Yakko's World
alb Bubba Bo Bob Brain read-along album lyrics
cdr Animaniacs Game Pack! -- Theme; I'm a Swingin' Gal
vid Wakko's Wish lyrics
etc Crazy Careers
unu Dear Mister Gingrich

Lyrics from Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and The Brain

P 1 Pinky and The Brain theme
P 3 Brainstem
P 4 Cheese Roll Call
P 5 Brainania -- Brainanian War Cry
P 9 A Pinky and the Brain Christmas Theme
P12 Mouse of La Mancha -- Don Cerebro; Scheme the Improbable Scheme
P28 Where the Deer and the Mousealopes Play -- Pittsburg is My Land

Lyrics from Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain

E 1 Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain theme
E 1 Patty Ann lyrics -- Romance

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vid - From Animaniacs videotape
alb - From Animaniacs album
cdr - From Animaniacs CD-ROM
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