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YW+D : Sing with the Animaniacs
       And be zany to the max
       So just sit back and relax
       You'll croon 'til you collapse
       With Animaniacs!

Y+W  : The songs we sing are wacky
Dot  : And the tempos are extreme
YW+D : The lyrics are relentless
       So we'll write them on the screen
       Just watch the bouncing Dot
       And drink plenty of caffeine
       Sing a verse with Hello Nurse
       And make your parents scream

       We're Animaniacs
       Dot is cute and Yakko yaks
       Wakko packs away the snacks
       While Bill Clinton plays the sax
       We're Animaniacs!

Y+W  : Come join the Warner Brothers
Dot  : And the Warner Sister, Dot
YW+D : Just for fun we'll take your tongue
       And tie it in a knot
       If you don't sing along with us
       We'll put you on the spot
       Let's all break loose; there's no excuse
       Just give it all you've got

(instrumental chorus)

Y+W  : (spoken) Helloooo, nurse!

(instrumental verse)

Cast : We're Animaniacs
       We have pay-or-play contracts
       We're zany to the max
       There's baloney in our slacks
       We're Animanie
       Totally insaney
Wakko: Chicken chow meiny
Dot  : The rain in Spainy
Yakko: Citizen Kaney
Dot  : Shirley MacLainey
Yakko: Andromeda Strainy
YW+D : Cockamamie
Dot  : Here's the show's namey
Cast : Animaniacs!
       Those are the facts!
Transcribed by Brendan Dunn and Jay Maynard

TRAVELING ANIMANIACS from the Yakko's World album
Music by Richard Stone. Lyrics by Richard Stone and Julie Bernstein.

YW+D : It's time for Animaniacs
       And we're really making tracks
       Let's go all around the earth
       From Alaska down to Perth
       We're travelin' maniacs
       Come join us on our journey
       As we race around the globe
       You may meet an attorney
       Or an Eskimo named Joe
       We'll go to Bora Bora
       Or maybe Kokomo
       We promise not to bore ya
       But of course you never know
       We're travelin' maniacs
       From Bombay to Halifax
Y+D  : Board a bus or take a yak
       Or just jump on Wakko's back
       And don't forget the snacks
YW+D : From Canada to Paraguay
       And places in between
       From India to Mozambique
       You'll see just what we mean
       It's fun to visit countries
       That you have never seen
       But if you drink the water there
       You might turn slightly green
       We're travelin' maniacs
       With our knapsacks on our backs
       We'll leave raisins in our tracks
       From the trail mix in our slacks
       We're Animanee
       Totally insane-y
Dot  : Let's not miss our plane-y
YW+D : Animaniacs!
       Bring your backpacks!
Transcribed by David Orozco

A QUAKE! A QUAKE! from the Yakko's World album
Music and lyrics by Randy Rogel.

Music adapted from The Happy Farmer by Robert Schumann.

These lyrics are different than the originals, which appeared later. See them in the listing from Episode 70.

Yakko: It's a quiet, peaceful night
       The moon is shining bright
       Giving not a hint of what's in store
       A few hours before morning
       Without a single warning
       Something strange begins to move the floor
       A quake, a quake
       The house begins to shake
       You're bouncing 'cross the floor
       And watching all your dishes break

       You're sleeping; there's a quake
       You're instantly awake
       You're leaping out of bed
       And shouting "Oh for heaven's sake!"
       I ran outside with neighbors
       Their faces full of shocks
       That's because I'm standing there
       In nothing but my socks
W+D  : Oops!
Yakko: A quake, a quake
       This must be a mistake
       Just feel the ground
       Go up and down
       Won't someone hit the brake?
       A quake, a quake
       Oh, what a mess they make
       The bricks, the walls
       The chimney falls
       Destruction in its wake
       I did not have insurance
       I called them from the scene 
       And suddenly I'm listening
       To an answering machine

       Say "Too late, too late
       You shouldn't ought to wait
       'Cause now you're stuck
       We wish you luck
       Here comes a six-point-eight!"
       Whose fault, whose fault?
       Blame it on the fault
       'Cause Mister Richter
       Can't predict her
       Kicking our asphalt
       Seismologists all say
       Tectonic plates are in between
       An encroaching crustal mantle
       Yeah, so what the heck's that mean?
       It means a quake, a quake
W+D  : Oh really, yeah, no fake?
       We kind of had that feeling
       When the ground began to shake
Yakko: And so we wait
       Resign ourselves to fate
       Because our lawn
       Is sitting on 
       A continental plate
       We shivered through a blizzard
       Went swimming in a flood
       Then we blew off a hurricane
       And now we hear a thud
       Of a quake, a quake
       How much more can we take?
       We thought that we had seen it all
       But this one takes the cake
       The dirt, the rocks
       Those crazy aftershocks
       It's just the planet
       Moving granite
       Several city blocks
*YW+D: Now the town is falling down
*      While the ground
*      Moves around
*      We won't let it get us down
*      Get beneath the door frame
Yakko: A quake, a quake
       It's time to pull up stake
Dot  : The worst is over
Y+W  : We don't buy it
       We're fed up 
       We can't deny it
       We just want some peace and quiet
YW+D : So we're moving to Beirut!
* - sung to "London Bridge"
Transcribed by David Orozco

THE HELLO SONG from the Yakko's World album
Music by Julie Bernstein, Peter Hastings and Paul Rugg.
Lyrics by Paul Rugg.

Yakko: There's a word in every language
       A word that you should know
       A word that means you're friendly
       A word used high and low.
       Though the way to say it varies
       Most everywhere you go
       Its meaning never changes
       And that word is...
YW+D : ...Hello!
YW+D : Hello!
       Hello! Hello! Hello!
       Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!
       Hello! Hello!
Yakko: In Germany it's "guten Tag"
       Which also means "good day"
       "Ni hao" is exactly how
       Hello sounds in Taipei.
       In Portugal it's "ola"
       In Arabic, "salem"
       Saying "zravo" means hello
       In Macedonian.

       It's "aloha" in Hawaii
       They say "geia sou" in Greece
       In Israel the word's "shalom"
       And that means "peace".
       The Italians have "buon giorno"
       The Viennese, "servus"
       When you're at the Eiffel Tower
       Just smile and say "salut!"
YW+D : Hello!
       Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!
       Hello! Hello!

Yakko: In Nepal they say "namaste"
       In Sweden, "goddag"
       In Thailand, "sabai dee roo"
       "Dobri den" in Prague.
       In the Spanish language, "hola"
       The Netherlands, it's "dag"
       In Japanese, "konnichi-wa"
       And "hey" in Little Rock.

       When you say "u hali gani"
       Swahili is the tongue
       In Russian it's "zdrahstvooyteh"
       Which sounds way better sung.
       If you're ever in Korea
       "Ahnyung hahsay yo!"
       And in some parts of Brooklyn
       Hello is just plain "yo!"
Y+W  : Hello!
Dot  : Hello!
Y+W  : Hello!
Dot  : Hello...
Y+W  : Hello!
Dot  : Hello??
Y+W  : Hello!
Dot  : Hello!!
YW+D : Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!
       Hello! Hello!

YW+D : Though the way to say it varies
       Most everywhere you go
       Its meaning never changes
Transcribed by David Orozco and Andy Diaz

SEVERAL DROPS OF RAIN from the Yakko's World album
Music and lyrics by Randy Rogel.

Y+W: It's raining; It's pouring
     Don't sing a song that's boring...
Dot: There's a plain up in Maine
     Where there're tiny drops of rain
     Forming ripples in a puddle that they make.
     And that puddle grows beyond
     Into something called a pond
     Spreading outward 'til it turns into a lake.

     When that lake springs a leak
     Then it forms a little creek
     Which goes rushing down and turns into a stream.
     And the water keeps on flowing
     So that trees can keep on growing
     In a pattern that is showing nature's scheme.
     And every flower, every weed
     Get the water that they need
     From that little tiny stream which trickles by.
Y+W: And in the swamp it picks up germs
     From bacteria and worms
     And if you drink it you'll get really sick and die.
Dot: Hey, this is my song!
Dot: The stream joins a river
     And goes racing to deliver
     All the water as it rushes to the sea.
     Then it flows into a bay
     Where it's quickly swept away
     To the ocean, filled with motion, swirling free.
     Then the sun shines on down
     Putting heat upon the ground
     And evaporating mist into the air.
     And the water starts to rise
     As it lifts into the skies
     And soon there is rain, on that plain, up in Maine.
Y+W: And that rain
     Is a pain
     So why don't they build a drain?

Dot: For water has position
     Which is always in transition
     From the mountains to the oceans to the sky.
Y+W: And it's something you can drink
     Or that you spit into the sink
     If you control the way it goes
     You can shoot it out your nose
     If you try
Dot: And now you both can say goodbye!
     Hyah! [throws something which shatters]
Transcribed by David Orozco

I'LL TAKE AN ISLAND from the Yakko's World album
Music by Julie Bernstein. Lyrics by John P. McCann.

Wakko: I'll take an island
       Staten or Ireland
       Japan and Cyprus too
       With water on four sides
       Not three
       Like peninsulas do
       I'll take Greenland
       It's not a mean land
       It's east of Baffin Bay
       And Easter Island's
       Got heads
       Big as a Circle-K
       Crete belongs to Greece
       While Jamaica has Kingston Bay
       Brando lives in Fiji they say
       And Cuba's in the water
       Doing what it oughta
       Old Indonesia
       Is bound to please ya
       Stop by for Java and cream
       While the Philippines
       Got islands
       Coming out of their jeans
       Take it, boys!
       Play, magic fingers, play!
       Ooh, swing it!
       Let's hear it for the band, folks!
       All right!
       You keep the landmass
       I'll take a Sandwich
       Island near the cold South Pole
       If you're looking for me
       Try an island
       Anywhere on the globe
Transcribed by David Orozco

THERE'S ONLY ONE OF YOU from the Yakko's World album
Music and lyrics by Randy Rogel.

Yakko: There are fifty thousand different kinds of animals
       And there are fifty thousand more that used to be
       There's a hundred million ants
       And half a billion plants
       And a lot of fish down underneath the sea
       There's gotta be a couple million spiders
       A hundred-fifty million butterflies and bees
       And a bunch of different mammals
       Like those elephants and camels
       And approximately fifty billion trees
Y+W  : But there is only one of you
       That makes you special
       You stand out among the other things; it's true
YW+D : Yes, the universe is large
       And whoever is in charge
       Made lots of things, but only one of you
Yakko: A one, a two, a three, and a four
       A thousand and a million and a billion or more

       There's a trillion drops of water in the ocean
       And a billion trillion molecules of air
       There are insects here en masse
       And a trillion blades of grass
       And a thousand strands in every head of hair
       A lot of little grains of dirt make up this planet
       A billion atoms on the head of every pin
       A million birds that all can fly
       A trillion stars up in the sky
       And all the many different people there have been
YW+D : But there is only one of you
       That makes you special
       Yes, there is nothing else exactly like you are
       'Cause you're unique and you're terrific
       And you're kind of real specific
       'Cause there's no one else the same
       As the person you became
Wakko: In fact, you're kind of weird
Yakko: But we like you just the same
YW+D : 'Cause you're the only one of you there are
       Ba ba doop mm
       Ba ba doop mm
       Ba ba doo ba!
Transcribed by David Orozco

Lyrics from BUBBA BO BOB BRAIN readalong album
Music by Craig Bartok. Lyrics by Tony Haynes.

For lyrics from the television version
see the entry for Animaniacs Episode 34.

Bubba Bo Bob Brain

Pinky: Yee haw, hee haw, this world is like a see saw
       You're up and you're down!
       Sho' nuff, it's true stuff, yes, one little lab mouse
       Can turn your world around!

Brain: I can do it -- Ye-ess!
       I can flush your troubles down the drain!
       Who am I?
       I'm Bubba Bo Bob Brain!
       (Bubba, Bubba Bo Bob Brain)
       (Bubba, Bubba Bo Bob Brain)
       (Bubba, Bubba Bo Bob Brain)

Brain: I've got more power than a chainsaw chain
       Who am I?
       Bubba Bo Bob Brain!

Pinky: Ooh wee, howdy,
       When things get much too rowdy
       Here's what you do
       (Here's what you do)
Brain: Call me! No joke,
       I'll ride in on that cowpoke
       I won't let life hogtie you!
       (Hogtie you)

       I'll stand beside you
       Through the snow, the sunshine and the rain!
       Who am I?
       I'm Bubba Bo Bob Brain! Ye-ess!
       (Bubba, Bubba Bo Bob Brain)
       (Bubba, Bubba Bo Bob Brain)

       I'll keep chugging on like the Mystery Train
       Who am I?
       I'm Bubba Bo Bob Brain!
       (Bubba, Bubba Bo Bob Brain) [repeat and fade]

Pinky: (spoken) Egad! Now then who's the one you call?
Brain: Bubba Bo Bob Brain
Pinky: I can't hear you, y'all
Brain: Bubba Bo Bob Brain!
Pinky: That's right! Bubba Bing Bang Boom Shakalaka Brain, hahahaha!
Brain: That's Bubba Bo Bob Brain
Pinky: That's what I said: Bubba Be Bop a Lula Boom Shakalaka Brain
Brain: It's Bubba Bo Bob Brain
Pinky: Whatever, hahaha NARF!
Brain: Ye-ess!

A Lab Mouse Will Take Over the World
Pinky: Gather around, cowpokes. I've got a story to tell you!

Pinky: Every day I wake up
       It's the same old thing
       A bell goes off inside my head,
       Ring a ding ding-a-ding!
       And I'm reminded of a Duke, a Prince, and an Earl
       And that a lab mouse...
Brain: ...will take over the world!

Pinky: (spoken) Oh, well done, Brain.
Brain: Thank you, Pinky.

Pinky: Of Memphis, Paris, Nashville
       Oh, and Aruba,
Brain: I'll be Chairman, Boss, the Big Cheese
       And Grand Poo-bah!
       I will achieve this, man, woman, boy and girl,
Pinky: Egad! A lab mouse...
Brain: ...will take over the world!

Pinky: (spoken) You sound like Johnny Cash, Brain.
Brain: I walk the line, Pinky.

Brain: Into your minds this thought I will broadcast,
       Not rabbit, duck, or polar bear, nor squirrel,
       But someone who was born to be your ruler
       A lab mouse will take over the world!

Pinky: (spoken) Yee-haw! Watch me pick, Brain!
Brain: It's a hootenanny! What IS a hootenanny, Pinky?
Pinky: (laughs) Why, Brain, you're in one!
Brain: Yee-haw!
Pinky: Oh Brain, may I do the bridge again?
Brain: Ye-ess!
Pinky: Right, here I go!

Pinky: Into your minds this thought I will broadcast,
       Not rabbit, duck, or polar bear, nor squirrel -- NARF!
       But someone who was born to be your ruler
       A lab mouse will take over the world!

Brain: So Partner, Bosom Buddy,
Pinky: Zeke, and Cousins
Brain: The Three Amigos,
Pinky: And the Dirty Dozen
Brain: The truth is timeless
       Like my twang and Minnie Pearl
Pinky: And, yes, a lab mouse...
Brain: ...will take over the world!
Pinky: Don't you know
P+B  : A lab mouse will take over the world!
Transcribed by Bryan Chaney

by William Gusky and Bruce Zimmerman


It's time for Animaniacs
We hope your hard drive stays intact
If this program starts to crash
Give your CPU a whack
We're Animaniacs

Boot up the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister, Dot
The developers would like to buy a really snazzy yacht
They put all kinds of games in here
To tie your mind in knots
And zany animations
That will leave you seeing spots.

We're Animaniacs
They transformed us to bitmaps
If you move your mouse to click on things
You'll force us to react
We're Animaniacs

Look at Wakko as he tries to pull your processor apart **
And Yakko's burning Random Access Memory with a spark  **
Dot just grabbed your cursor
She wants you to restart
We kidnaped all the programmers
They think that they're so smart.

We're Animaniacs
Play at work and you'll get sacked
If the artwork is too slack
Well, they licensed us to hacks
We're Animanie
Totally insaney
Monitor's in flamey

** - These lines originally were written as:

Look at Yakko as he tries to pull your processor apart
And Wakko's burning Random Access Memory with a fart

I'm a Swingin' Gal
Yakko: Golf? How dull can we get?
Dot  : Dull? Au contraire!
       The game of golf is a metaphor for life itself.
       Each hole represents a challenge; each swing,
       a defining moment; each--
Yakko: C'mon, Dot. Enough of this psychological mumbo-jumbo.
Wakko: Yeah, sing the song already.

Dot  : I can swing with the swingers
       And I'm havin' a ball
       I always go for the green
       Yeah, I want it all
       My clothes fit to a tee
       I'm a swingin' gal, that's me.

Y+W  : Even though life can be rough
       Our sister Dot's had the right stuff
       Never has her head in the sand
Dot  : Hey, let me tell my story first-hand!

       I can swing with the swingers
       And I'm havin' a ball
       I never putter around
       Yeah, I want it all
       I'm as cute as I can be
       I'm a swingin' gal, that's me.
       I'm as cute as I can be
       I'm a swingin' gal, that's me.

Wakko: (spoken) Hey, what's a metaphor, anyway?
Yakko: I dunno, but I never met a phor I didn't like.
Transcribed by Ron O'Dell and Linda Pang

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