Know How: Guided Programs for Inventing Your Own Best Future
by Leslie Cameron-Bandler et al.

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Teaches how decisions are made, what can hinder us from making decisions, and how to make a series of steps that can help you acquire any aptitude. The authors' notes:


  1. A world of difference
  2. Into the looking glass
  3. The five fundamentals of success
  4. Wishing and having
  5. Eating
  6. Exercise
  7. Temperance and temperaments
  8. Sex
  9. Loving
  10. Parenting


Some key quotes to give the sense of each chapter.

1. A world of difference

" It is our intention that by the time you have read the final words on the final page in this book you will have both the ability to perceive multitudes of possible future for yourself, and the necessary skills and abilities to eventually make any one or all of those futures your reality. ...

We present you with the patterns we have found underlying common problems as well as the EMPRINT formats which will, if used, provide solutions to those problems ... An EMPRINT format is an arrangement of steps or procedures which , if followed, will consistently result in the same outcome. "

2. Into the looking glass

" If something is possible for one person in the world, then it is possible for you -- it is only a question of how to make it a part of your experience ... [through the] EMPRINT method -- the process we used to generate these formulas for human fulfillment and success. "

One of the exercises suggested is to:

" If you concede ... that the quality and expression of human experience is greatly influenced ... by the nature of the internal processing that each of us uses to make the world sensible and understandable, then it becomes important to discover just what kinds of internal processing lead to what kinds of experiences and behaviors.

... The EMPRINT formats we are about to present are a step in that direction. They are a springboard from which to generate ever more fulfilling solutions to life's puzzles and problems. "

3. The five fundamentals of success

The upcoming chapters use the EMPRINT formats, which "all utilize the know-how for five fundamentals of success":

  1. "Compelling future ... one which is capable of motivating and guiding you so that eventually you can make that desired future a present reality."
  2. "Flexibility of criteria ... it is important to consider whether or not those criteria are appropriate with respect to your desired future."
  3. "Relative specificity ... a belief that your present actions determine your future well-being."
  4. "Default versus choice responses."
  5. "Cause-effect ... An ongoing assessment of how and what you are doing in relation to attaining your goal is essential to assure that you can keep going and that you will, eventually, reach that goal."

4. Wishing and having

"Actually getting what you want will be determined by what you do to have that thing, relationship, skill, or experience.":

Discusses the five stages:

  1. "Wishing."
  2. "Wanting."
    1. "What is possible to have, or be, or do, or experience?"
    2. "Is it worth having?"
    3. "Will it get me what I really want?"
    4. "Is it worth what it will take to get it?"
  3. "Planning."
  4. "Doing."
  5. "Having."

5. Eating

" Attending to and valuing your emotional states, as well as valuing those things which give you satisfying emotions, is important and useful. ... make plans about how [one] is going to feel at various times in the day. "

Experiments you are invited to make include using contrasting sets of criteria, for which you decide how to fulfill the criteria:

Nutritious: e.g., nutrients, vitamins, protein. Pleasure: e.g., sweet, rich, creamy.
Light: e.g., not filling, not feeling heavy or full after. Reward: e.g., sweet, rich, creamy [the same as for "pleasure"].
Fresh: e.g., raw fruits and vegetables; not frozen, canned, or processed. Available: e.g., pre-packaged; no preparation required.
Full: e.g., no longer hungry. Full: e.g., can't eat another bite.

6. Exercise

"Those criteria that do lead you to the kind of futures that you want for yourself are worthy of being adapted." Criteria such of these can lead to increasing one's value of exercises:

  1. Attractiveness.
  2. Health.
  3. Longevity.
  4. Physical flexibility.
  5. Stamina.
  6. Strength.
  7. Well-being through time.

7. Temperance and temperaments

  1. Drugs.
  2. Smoking.
  3. Alcohol.
  4. A toast to moderation.

8. Sex

Discusses "Arousing your interest".

9. Loving


  1. Attraction.
  2. Appreciation.
  3. Security and expectations.
  4. Threshold and flash points.

10. Parenting


  1. Growing with your child.
  2. Nurturing your child.
  3. Enjoying your child.
  4. How to bring it all home.

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