The Two Chloés: plain chocolate bars taste test.

* The Chocolate Connoisseur by Chloé Doutre-Roussel.
* Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light by Mort Rosenblum. * Alice Medrich on chocolate. * Fran Bigelow on chocolate.
* Chocolate recipes. NEW Je'oan D'ark Limoncello Truffles.
* Chocolate Diets: Women's Stress Buster and other Diet recommendations.
* Chocolate History.
* Chocolate science: biology, chemistry, and psychology.
* Glossy chocolate glossary.

Chocolate Taste Tests:

The Chocolate Connoisseur by Chloé Doutre-Roussel.

The Chocolate Connoisseur
by Chloé Doutre-Roussel.

Plain Chocolate Bars Taste Test.

Obtain a variety of high-quality PLAIN chocolate bars.

The Two Chloés.

The Two Chloés, who have rather different preferences, are:

The Two Chloés' chosen plain chocolate bars.

Batch 1 was purchased in November and December 2006 at local grocery stores:

Batch 2 was introduced on New Year 2007 by the two-person singing group, Seattle Chloé:

Batch 3 was purchased March 1, 2007 at Fog City News, San Francisco. Valrhona Le Noir American 71% (dark bittersweet) and Valrhona 56% (semisweet) were purchased Trader Joe's as the calibration bars.

Batch 4 was a gift from Chloé Trois (C3) to Chloé Deux (C2) to help struggles with NaNoWriMo 2007:

C2's Scoring Method

A total of 10 points is assigned, with different ranges for each sense:

Chocolate Books.

Buy 'Death by Chocolate' Death by Chocolate: The Last Word on a Consuming Passion
by Marcel Desaulniers (Author), Michael Grand (Photographer)
Try Dark Chocolate and Pumpkin Cheesecake.
Or Caramel Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
Or Chocolate Dementia.