2007 National Novel Writing Month: The Vultures of Parnassus
(previously The Chocolate Generation)

Everyone's a winner - well, a lot of people - all those that write a 50,000-word novel in November - National Novel Writing Month:

2007 Preparation

Signed on with fellow travelers, including Gayle (TheIt) and the William Blake Tarot. The latter will provide a card and an emphasis of the day.

The 3-days-to-go card is: Generation, the Ace of Painting, whose keyword is "Origination of Ideas and Projects".

Registered with the Kiwis, to whom dawn comes almost as soon as it crosses the International Day Line, so I can start early and often.

Hours written: while the hours of physical writing are listed, the longer that this month of writing retreat progresses, the more one is drawn into one's story and spends many hours thinking about it, in addition to the writing. This is a very calming drug that has probably helped many novelists.

2007 Status? What status?

Started (Day 1) on All Saints Day, 1 November 2007, NZT (New Zealand Time). The working title is: The Chocolate Generation. Almost immediately that was replaced by the second working title: The Vultures of Parnassus.

The form is the haibun: prose interleaved with haiku and other poems. Again we adopt the Haiku Bonus: each poem (haiku) is like a picture and gets a word bonus to top its word count up to 1000 ... because a picture is worth a thousand words...

The William Blake Tarot

Other books read for this project

Particularly during November 2007 (the actual NaNoWriMo month) and December 2007 (the revision or NaNoRiMo month):

Previous years of help

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