Aristotle: philosopher, teacher, and scientist

Aristotle: Timeline

This timeline is based in part on data in Aristotle: philosopher, teacher, and scientist by Sharon Katz Cooper.

388 BCE
Plato (student of Socrates) establishes the first university, the Academy in Athens.

384 BCE
Aristotle born (Stagirus in Macedonia) to Phaestis and Nichomachus.

377 BCE
Hippocrates dies.

374 BCE
Aristotle's father (Nichomachus) dies.

371 BCE
Thebes defeats Sparta at Leuctra.

367 BCE
Aristotle sent to Plato's Academy in Athens.

359 BCE
Philip becomes King of Macedonia.

356 BCE
The holy temple of Delphi is destroyed in the Sacred War.

347 BCE
Plato dies.
Aristotle leaves Athens for Assus, where he marries Pythias.

345 BCE
Hermias (ruler of Assus) killed by Persians.

344 BCE
Aristotle lives in Lesbos; biological research.

343-340 BCE
Aristotle tutors Alexander in Pella, Macedonia.

338 BCE
Macedonian army defeats Athens.
League of Corinth founded.

336 BCE
Philip II assassinated; succeeded by his son, who becomes Alexander the Great.

335 BCE
Aristotle opens the Lyceum in Athens.

334 BCE
Alexander the Great begins war against Persia.

323 BCE
Alexander the Great dies in Babylon and his empire is divided among his successors.

322 BCE
Aristotle leaves Athens for Euboea to avoid a death sentence.
Aristotle dies soon after reaching Euboea.

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