The inner experiences of rocks and water differ so greatly from human experiences that merging minds with such entities is bound to be confusing and unsatisfactory for both parties. Rocks and water can wait: the first and easiest minds for humans to merge with are other minds like their own.

Some scientists will find lab partners eager to explore the terra incognita of deep human intimacy while others will decide that the experience of mind merge is not to their liking. Some will confine their 2 = 1 experimentations to purely mental unions while others will expand their sexual horizons by the addition of mind merge to their erotic repertoire. Indeed some people already report that certain episodes of ordinary sexual union have produced for them what seem to be brief anticipations of the 2 = 1 experience we hope to routinely generate some day with Wordsworth Machines. For many of our less physically inhibited physicists, the field of quantum sexuality will provide one of the richest and most accessible avenues of research into 2 = 1 science. I predict that quantum sex workers--and quantum sex players---will stumble across many fundamentally new and unexpected natural phenomena whose discoverers you will honor here at this same podium at which you are today honoring me.

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