Ohio State University/Huntsville, Alabama: Developed [with P.S. Jastram (OSU) ] method for increasing energy resolution of gamma-ray scintillation detectors. Determined beta-gamma angular correlations [OSU] of several radioactive elements; fitted data to current models of beta decay. Missile engineering at Redstone Arsenal , Huntsville, Alabama (prior to its incarnation as NASA Space Center); interview with Werner von Braun.

Stanford University/Los Trancos Woods: Built semiconductor particle detectors, high vacuum scattering chamber for studying "deuteron stripping reactions" [Sam Austin (Stanford)]. Met Heinz & Elaine Pagels. Designed & built unconventional proton-polarization detector using Li7 + p reaction. Measured proton polarization from (d, p) reactions on C12.

Monmouth, Illinois: Assistant Professor of Physics Monmouth College: developed holography laboratory. Built ion generator for psychology dept's experiments on ion-enhanced maze-learning in rats.

Memorex, Santa Clara, CA: Senior Physicist: developed new magnetic materials and magnetic, electrostatic and optical measuring devices. Designed and pilot-lined heat-developing photographic film. Did theoretical work on Lorenz microscopy (direct visualization of magnetic domains with electron microscope).

Bifrost, Iceland: Attended with Betsy and Khola First International Conference on Transpersonal Psychology. Met Gier and Ingrid Wilhjamsson, Joseph Campbell, Jean Erdman, Huston Smith, Stan Grof, Joan Halifax and many others. Celebrated son Khola's second birthday under Iceland's Midnight Sun.

SCM, Palo Alto, CA: Senior Physicist: deveoped new theory of xerographic process. Worked on all aspects of xerography with special emphasis on corona discharge phenomena and roller fusion dynamics. Consultant: developed early fluid-dynamic model of ink-jet printing process. Developed explanatory material for eye-surgery lasers.

Devised shortest proof of Bell's Theorem (Nick's Proof).

Institute for Study of Consciousness, Berkeley, CA: Met Saul-Paul Sirag. Participated in First Esalen Physics/Consciousness Invitational. Co-founded Consciousness Theory Group. Participated in Jim Culbertson Week, San Luis Obispo. Developed and tested (with Dick Shoup, PARC Xerox) the first Metaphase Typewrtiter and Quantum Metaphone.

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA: Co-hosted (with Saul-Paul Sirag) seven Esalen Seminars on the Nature of Reality (ESNR). Met Fritz Perls, Al Huang, Mike Murphy, Bernard d'Espagnat. Awarded Reality Prize (at ESNR III) to John Clauser and John Stewart Bell. Presented workshops on quantum reality at Esalen with physicist Heinz Pagels.

Boulder Creek, CA: Authored Quantum Reality, Faster Than Light, Elemental Mind. Met John & Mary Bell. Initiated AMY Group on Idealistic Physics. Taught seminars on "Quantum Reality" at Esalen, NYC Open Center, Boston Interface, LA Jungian Institute, UC Extensions in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Berkeley. Met John Brockman, Rudi Rucker, Queen Mu. Wrote numerous "Fringe Science" columns for Berkeley cyber-culture magazine MONDO 2000.

Delivered a paper on Eigenstates as Hidden Variables at New York Academy of Sciences Conference on Quantum Foundations. Met Eugene Wigner, Wojciech Zurek, Roy Glauber. Initiated into John Brockman's Reality Club. Interviewed for Mavericks of the Mind. Appeared on public television: CBC's Miracle of the Mind and Jeffrey Mishlove's Thinking Allowed. Produced several multi-media "Quantum Evenings" at notorious Bulkhead Gallery (Santa Cruz) and other venues.

Devised first FTL signaling scheme (FLASH) to be published in a major physics journal. Refutation of FLASH by Wooters and Zurek led to the quantum no-cloning theorem. See How the No-cloning Theorem Got its Name by Asher Peres.

Delivered plenary address Quantum Sex at Seattle Convention of Society for the Scientific Study of Sex (SSSS). Scholar-in-Residence: Portland, Oregon under auspices of Center for Science, Engineering & Public Policy. Founding member of Boulder Creek "Bistro Poets". Spotted and hunted down by Quantum Tantra -- a brand-new way of doing science. Published Leaves of Grass and Joined board of directors of Beverly Rubik's Institute for Frontier Science. Interviewed for Science of the Impossible--a BBC-produced television documentary. Edited & contributed to: Alice Zwischen den Welten, a quantum-mechanical version of the Lewis Carroll classic. Completed collection of quantum tantric poetry Physics on All Fours published by Sea Creature Press. Elected Bern Porter Fellow (in the Unnatural Sciences). Selected as Scholar of the Month by Bern Porter International.

Wife Betsy Rasumny, mother, dancer, teacher, home birth enthusiast, founder of South Street Centre home school died midst rich community support (home death?). Other old friends passed away: Tad Konar, John Greeley, Evan Harris Walker, James Culbertson, J. Orlin Grabbe, Kathleen Flowers, Walt Bachrach, Peter Stafford, Peter Troxell and Robert Anton Wilson. Attended Luc Sala's fiftieth birthday party in Amsterdam with Alan Lundell and Sun McNamee. Published Doctor Quantum Drops Acid in MAPS Newsletter.

Took up the Irish penny whistle in Santa Cruz sessions at Britannia Arms and other venues. Discovered a brand new law of physics: A Pair of Quanta Cannot Be Wed -- a sister theorem to the no-cloning rule that puts similar constraints on quantum computing. Proved a new theorem about powers of mind Nick's Theorem -- perhaps the first mathematical proof to set limits on psychic abilities. Began publishing a blog billed as your one-stop site for sex, drugs and quantum physics.