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Ficciones (2006) by Jorge Luis Borges. The binding is a hexagon that measures 12 x 12 x 12 inches. $800.

In "The Library of Babel," Borges writes: "The universe (which otheres call the library) is composed of an indefinite, perhaps an infinite, number of hexagonal galleries with enormous ventilation shafts in the middle..."

We have used this concept as inspiration for this hexagonal binding of Ficciones, a paperback edition of the original Groves Press 1962 edition. The binding was made for the 2006 Helen De Golyer Bookbinding Triennial (HDGBT). The pages were removed from the original binding then gathered as sections and sewn over wooden dowels. These dowels hold the pages in the book in a way that is similar to the way newspapers used to be held in library racks. A threaded hollow steel rod (ventiilation shaft) connects two redwood hexagons that function as lids or covers for the "universe". This book structure is housed in a hexagonal slipcase that has six panels, each made from a copy of the original books' cover, that are attached to a redwood base. The book slides into the slipcase from the top.

The book comes with two additional items:
1. a catalog from the HDGBT show
2. The original 18 x24 inch binding proposal display made for the HDGBT competition.


© 2002 Peter and Donna Thomas