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In The Middle. Compiled and edited by Peter and Donna Thomas (2004) 11 1/4 by 8 1/8 inches. 14 pages and 12 scrolls. 24 copies.

Peter and Donna Thomas developed the concept and the structure for this book which was made at Middle Tennessee State University's Tulip Poplar Press during the Visiting Artist Seminar, March 1-5, 2004 where twelve students worked under their direction. Each student was required to write a one page essay that discussed their relationship to their geographic or cultural regional environment, to choose a literary quote that related to what they had written and finally, to choose one or two words that reflected the essence of what they had written. The essay and quote were then laser printed on recyled paper, stab sewn together and attached to the inside of the front cover of the book. A two inch thick slab of aromatic Tennessee Cedar was acquired from a nearby saw mill. It was cut to size, sanded, and twelve 1" holes were drilled into it. It was then glued to the back cover of the book. The students each letterpress printed thier one or two words on 12" x 2" strips of art paper, using various sizes and fonts of wood type printed in various colors of ink These strips were then rolled up and placed in the holes in the slab of cedar. The covers were made using paper over cardboard. The paper was decorated with acrylic paints. MTSU is in the geographic center of the state. The students worked diligently to make sure that all elements of the book work together to express the physical and cultural aspescts of the regional geography of middle Tennessee. Each student received a copy and several went to the University so only 8 are available for sale.


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