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A complete listing of our books (1974-2017) can also be found in a digital exhibit on the University of Wisconsin's website

Peter and Donna Thomas, Bibliography, 1974 - 2020. 2021. 8.5 x 8.5 inches. Hardcover book, commercially printed, sewn pages, blue cloth binding, title on spine, color dust jacket. Published by The Legacy Press. 946 full-color photographs, 446 pages. $100.00

In 2020, Peter and Donna marked the forty-sixth year of their remarkable collaboration. This Bibliography features more than 163 editioned books by them, 374 one-of-a-kind books by Donna, and 63 unique books made by Peter, as well as books made by them in collaboration with other artists and during workshops, all illustrated in full color. This compendium of the output of their press includes not only bibliographic entries and production notes, but also personal commentaries for many of the entries, transforming a straight-forward bibliography into a kind of memoir. These annotations provide a distinctive window into the lives of these two working artists, enriching our understanding of their works in ways that go far beyond the descriptive. This Bibliography not only offers the scale and scope of their production and their evolution as distinctive American book artists, but also insight into the development of their lives as a couple, as parents, and as colleagues and professional partners. Max Yela Special Collections Librarian, Golda Meir Library.

Link to a 3 minute video on YouTube where Peter shows an overview of the contents of the bibliography.

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