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The Renaissance Pleasure Faire Broadsides (2014). 17 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches. 12 folder pages. 25 copies. $875.

This is a collection of ten typographic broadsides that we made in the 1980s – 90s when working at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. The broadsides were all letterpress printed on Peter’s handmade paper. They were illustrated with linoleum cuts and watercolor rubrication by Donna. An introductory broadside and a book we published in 1988 with a photographic history of the Faire are included with the broadsides. (The Faire. (1988) 11 by 81/2 inches. 22 pages. Color offset printed. Paper cover, saddle stitched.) The broadsides and book slide in and out of translucent paper "folder pages". The binding was created by stab sewing the translucent folder pages into handmade paper covers. The binding has a broadside mounted on the front cover. That broadside was made years later, in the flavor of the earlier work, for a Hand Papermaking Broadside Portfolio project). The book is housed in a clamshell box with the title on a printed panel on the front cover.

A list of the broadsides in the collection

1. The Man who was Born in the Spring, 1980 2. Rags Make Paper, 1980 3. Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer Day, Sonnet 18, 1980 4. The Story of Word Pictures, 1981 5. Prayer, 1981 6. A Fairy Tale, 1982 7. Ballad of the Bog, 1985 8. It Shall Come to Pass, 1985 9. The Good Book Press, 1985 10. Disiderata, 1988









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