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Miniature Leaf Books. Peter Thomas. (2005) 2 7/8 by 2 1/4inches. 24 + 6 pages. 127 copies. (120 regular copies, six special copies, one vellum copy.) Regular copy $125.00 Link to page displaying special copies.

A leaf book is a book that displays examples of pages from other books in it. This book describes and defines the leaf book, tells the history leaf books and then presents three tipped in miniature "leaf" pages. Each leaf sample and the book it originally came from is described in the text. These pages are from an early 19th century American Thumb Bible, a Bryce "Ellen Terry" book and a American Tract Society's Dew Drops. The book was letterpress printed on a cranky old Pearl treadle press using Joe Halton's linotype for the text and hand set Neuland for the titles. The text paper was made by Peter from bleached denim rag, the endpages have flecks of paper from "Keble's Reports" (1686). The book is case-bound using Peter's handmade paper that has been toned brown with a wash of raw umber. The title on the cover, the paper the title is mounted on, and the sample on the title page are all from "Keble's Reports". This text was written in 1997, and set in type in 1998, but not printed until 2005. Although Peter wrote the text, the research was based largely on information provided by John Class.


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