The Pink Candidate

In an article on, the writer of this cartoon, Reid Harrison, wrote:

In an early draft, Brain throws something (I forget what it was, but it was very big and heavy) out of the bus window. It hits Adam Sandler -- who is inexplicably hitchhiking -- in the head. Pinky and Brain stop and, in exchange for not being sued, offer Sandler the Vice President spot. However, within four miles, Adam's moronic songs change Brain's mind and he tosses Sandler back off the bus.

Another VP idea was Larry Fortensky.

Also, there were some classic bits that didn't make the final cut. When Pinky is learning about freedom of speech and the fact that you can say whatever you want, he leans out the window of the moving bus and screams, "Jimmy crack corn and I DON'T CARE!!!" Cut to: a small store with a sign that reads "Jimmy's Corn Crackery." Pan down to Jimmy, who wipes away a tear.

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