Plan Brain From Outer Space

You probably noticed that the lip movements don't seem to match the dialog in this episode, and that some bits of animation were used twice. What's the deal? Well, the script was written to use animation from an existing production. The entire recording was an ADR session.

The animation came from an episode that was to serve as a pilot for Zalgar the Brain Eater, much how Mork appeared in Happy Days before having his own show. In the episode, the first brain that Zalgar goes after is, of course, that of The Brain.

The writers were given the task of taking animation from the Zalgar-centered story and somehow reworking it so it became a story centered on Pinky and The Brain, and trying to match syllables in their new script with the number of lip flaps in the animation they wanted to use for each line. None of the credited writers was the writer of the Zalgar story, so I don't think any existing lines from that pilot were left intact.

According to one source, a line from the original script was:

This is where the government keeps everything they don't want you to see.

You mean like Ernest Borgnine from underneath?

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