Meet John Brain

Some animation and a background were changed in this cartoon after the initial airing. In the original airing, the background had a visual gag, and as a result of that gag being missing on subsequent airings, a thread about The Jupitep Conspiracy began on (I confess; I came up with the name.)

The scene is when Brain is about to meet his supporters for the first (and last) time. The animated crowd in the balcony (foreground) was changed, and the background shot of the people on the ground floor was changed. On the ground floor were state banners. Among them, the last one visible read "JUPITEP" (sic). In the changed version, several of the banners were different, and the last one visible had become simply "INDIANA".

I asked Peter Hastings about this when fans had confirmed that a change had taken place, by checking their videotapes recorded on different days. He said that while he didn't actually remember it happening for this particular cartoon, it simply must have been a call retake that had not arrived in time for the debut airing of the episode. Why the intended Jupiter gag was taken out is anybody's guess at this point.

David Green has supplied the following comparison pictures:



The DVD release features the original version of this episode, with the "BEFORE" version of the background image and foreground cels, and differently lit photography.

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