King Yakko

Some of the 20 fans from the internet who were invited to tour the Warner Bros. Animation studio in 1995 reported seeing an unused cel from this cartoon hanging in Peter Hastings' office.

Says Bryan Chaney: The scene is where Yakko leans up to speak to Prime Minister Nurse -- "Sire?" / "Wait 'til we're alone." It looked like he was either coming up through her cleavage or was resting his head on it. I seem to remember Peter commenting how they had to cut those scenes out.

Although I was part of that tour, I did not see the cel, but from the descriptions it doesn't really sound like something that was cut out. Rather, it sounds like it was a humorous animation error that was corrected in a call retake. I could be wrong, of course. Perhaps the scene did go on a few frames longer.

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