Amusement Park

This title, with the production code 406-657 assigned, was part of a complete list of first-run cartoons sent by Warner Bros. to Animation Magazine in 1993 shortly before Animaniacs made its debut. It included a brief description: The Warners deal with an officious ticket taker at an amusement park. Later, Warner Bros. issued a broadcast schedule with this cartoon included with Katie Ka-Boom: Bad Hair Day in an episode 70 as part of the second season, which was made up of first-run leftovers. But neither short ever appeared, and the second season ended with episode 69.

Fans from the internet who were allowed to visit the Warner Bros. Animation crew in 1995, before the debut of the third season, inquired about this. Peter Hastings replied. "It was a vapor episode," he said. "It never existed."

Clearly, it did exist at least in concept. But did it ever go beyond that? Did he mean that the episode 70 as a whole never existed, or that the two cartoons in it never did?

There are those who believe that Amusement Park could not be produced or shown because of scenes with the Warners playing around on amusement park rides, a dangerous activity. There is nothing to substantiate this, however. If I may quote Douglas Adams: I must stress that this is only a rumor. I know it is, because I started it.

It was not intentional. In a thread on where the disappearance of this cartoon was being discussed, I surmised that perhaps it couldn't be shown because of the Warners running around on a roller coaster, so the powers-that-be decided they couldn't portray such a dangerous thing that could be emulated by children who saw the show. Unfortunately, because of my reputation as someone "in the know," people thought there really was such a scene and simply agreed with me about why that cartoon couldn't be shown. I've seen people who don't even know me quote this rumor, so it has gotten around quite a bit.

In truth, as far as I know, Amusement Park never went beyond the stage of a basic plot idea.

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