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David Fleming: Artist's Statement

A successful painting, for me, has much to do with attitude. With the proper state of mind, my paintings are loose, painterly, and bold. I'm constantly fighting the hesitation and caution that comes with uncertainty or even liking what I do.

Working from my imagination works better for me than having a reference to work from. The painting then is more about me, the artist, than the physical reality of the subject.

I work in a wide variety of techniques. I find this more interesting and challenging, and it allows me to suit the technique to the subject in terms of feeling and mood.

I often see the painting in my head beforehand. The image usually occurs to me at dawn as I awaken from sleep. It's as if I'm recalling the painting from an earlier experience.

I have been painting for about 30 years. I draw from my experience teaching design and composition at San Jose State University, which I did for 35 years. Painting is a passion for me, and I am driven to do it. I find I can't not paint. The only way I can take a break from it is to leave town -- usually to visit museums and galleries.

March 2009

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