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(1999 photo) Name: Brooke W. Boering
(aka): Vagabondo
Gender: male
Earthing: depression kid
Habitat: No. California hovel
Vocation: semi-retired programmer
Photo: 1999
Interests: shoebox Compts, assembly programming, revolutionary systems structures, abstract graphics

Why/how Compts: In high school, learned to operate Compts, type, etc. After discharge from WWII, worked for Felt & Tarrant briefly as service person. Began collecting shoebox Compts a couple of years ago and couldn't stop. Have zero interest in electronic/electro-mechanical calculators, listing and/or printing devices, etc.

Recent stuff: Wrote Klondike Pro and Open Klondike forAmFADS. Warning! Both these duplicate solitaire games are addictive BIG time! Do NOT get involved if you (1) are addiction prone, (2) are a solitaire "nut", (3) cant tolerate DOS, (4) have a life.

Other Stuff: Wrote/ported several/many/lotsa games for money. Some were interesting/fun, some not. Oh well.

More stuff: In 1978, quit working for "other people" to write software for personal computers (wasn't this the obvious thing to do?). Terrible business person, so failed (wasn't that the obvious thing to happen?). Created Ceemac for the Apple ][ computer, a special purpose language for dynamic, abstract graphics. Initially, big splash in small pond. Soon relegated to "who cares" status (world wanted realistic imagery, spreadsheets, tax forms, data bases, Bill Gates, Windows, etc.)

Still More Stuff: Wrote support software for early EKG analysis system. Bot a KIM-1 ($250 + power supply = a computer; whoopee!). Hung out, smoked dope, turn of life.

Yet More Stuff (yawn): Wrote data processing software for bank (that was before I learned how to live without eating). Wrote "Roger", early report generator for Univac Solid State 90 room-sized computer (1964). Designed first online teller terminal system in midwest (1966). After 13 years, got sacked in hassle with 3 senior vice presidents. Best thing that ever happened to me (well, almost).

And if you're still awake: Married for 27 years, uncovered a wild streak, bolted. No kids but lotsa friends. Life is good if not always great.

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