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It is with great sadness that on Feb 19, 2006, I found it necessary to close off any further postings here. There has always been a certain amount of offensive and/or obscene 'graffit-e' requiring periodic culling, a burdensome and time-consuming task. And, since early 2004, a huge increase in trival (albeit well-meaning) posts have added considerable clutter. Now web-crawlers seem to be at work, sniffing out postable pages and leaving promotional messages with irrelavant links. This has just become too much trouble to monitor and maintain.

For those who have a need to contact me, there is always eMail and I would strongly suggest you include the word "Comptometer" in the subject line to insure getting past the spam filters.

Finally, I'd like to thank all those who have been so kind as to post encouraging and often, flattering, remarks. I'm grateful that the work has found such a receptive readership.

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Date: Fri Jun 4 04:26:27 1999
My name: Jayned from ebay
Comments: Wow! What a great site. I added you to my favorites.

Date: Thu Jun 10 21:15:18 1999
My name: Dave Felt
Comments: Great site! Fascinating machines!! Thank you!!!

Date: Mon Jul 5 11:25:12 1999
My name: bill willink
Comments: any information on dorr e. flts vacation home in saugatuck michigan please call 1-616-393-8181 thanks

Date: Sun Jul 11 21:17:14 1999
My_name: Robert Herman
Comments: Great site! I found a J model in the garbage in pretty good shape. It passed your "test" on the web for functionality. That made my Sunday night. Thank you.

Date: Fri Jul 23 15:53:06 1999
My_name: Bob Landry
Comments: I purchased the book "The Soldiers French Phrase Book" and was want to get some information about it. Really just surfing to see if the company still existed. Would like some info on the book, value, number of prints, etc. Thanks.

Date: Mon Sep 6 11:28:59 1999
My_name: Herman Price
Comments: Absolutely fabulous information on the Comptometer, Mechanical Accountant, Burroughs, Victor, etc. An excellent site.

Date: Sat Sep 18 05:43:40 1999
My_name: Roger Epperson (Memphis, Tn.)
Comments: I cannot believe I have found a website that will help me identify my F&T Comptometer...which I am crazy about...and which I thought I would never even hear of another one. Thanks for the wealth of info on something that I previously knew nothing about...!! R.E.E.

Date: Sat Oct 9 04:08:47 1999
My_name: DIck Friend
Comments: Your great web page brought back many memories. I learned to operate comptometers (F&T and Burroughs) at a business college in the early 1950s, add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Plus the floor model Burroughs bank machines and manual typewriters. I am on a fast track to acquire one of these gems. Thanks for the info. Dick

Date: Mon Oct 18 23:12:52 1999
My_name: R."BUD" DALE
Comments: Interesting web site. I was Victor-Comptometer salesman,sales manager, branch manager (Houston,Miami & San Francisco).

Date: Sat Jan 8 12:43:26 2000
My_name: Bill nICHOLLS
eMail: FRIZ1937@AOL.COM

Date: Sat Jan 22 10:01:18 2000
My_name: megan teeters
Comments: if you have information on the felt mansion in sagatuck please email me. im trying to dig up as much info as i can and im not having god luck.. there is no history on it or anything.thank you. megan

Date: Sun Feb 13 16:19:22 2000
My_name: Christine
Comments: I am related to Dorr Felt

Date: Sat Feb 19 21:52:12 2000
My_name: Jeff
Comments: This is a great site! Just picked up an "F-model" at an antique store today. It appears to be in perfect working order and is only missing one keycap. Knew nothing about compometers but thought that it looked interesting. I was really amazed to have found such a comprehensive website. Thank you!

Date: Sun Apr 23 12:25:34 2000
My_name: Roy Weaver
Comments: We have found your website to be very good and informative. We have what appears to be a Model "F" (S/N 105616) comptometer. Our comptometer has some characteristics that I cannot find any explaination about. Our comptometer has 9 columns (from left to right, 1 black column, 3 white columns, 3 black columns, and 2 white columns) instead of the 8, 10, or 12 column models. Also, on the black metal cover, there is a little capital "E". If anyone could provide more information about the 9 column comptometer and the metal cover, it would be appreciated.

Date: Wed Apr 26 14:11:23 2000
My_name: Lars Erikols
Comments: Hello! Just bought a Burroughs Comptometer with sn 201647 in Sweden near Stockholm. Lars

Date: Thu May 11 10:18:49 2000
My_name: Dave McGinnis
Comments: In 1974, I started working in accounting at a major steel producer in Hamilton, Ontario. The machine that was provided to me to calculate payroll and production statistics was a Comptometer. It was amazing how adept we became with this machine; it was remarkably primitive and sophisticated at the same time. Later, I was given a Marchant and that was considered a big jump in technology. The Marchants eventually ended up in the mill offices, where the plant employees would delight in dividing a million by one and letting it go until the machine started to smoke. Great web site ... I hope to find a machine at a garage sale some day.

Date: Sat May 13 07:33:31 2000
My_name: Andrew Burley a.k.a EARTHDWELLER
Comments: I have two British spec Model J machines, J313646 is 8 column plus carry in farthings - ie. max value is 99,999 pounds 19 shillings 11 pence and 3 farthings - and J313785 which is 12 column plus carry in pennies - ie. max value is 9,999,999,999 pounds 19 shillings and 11 pence (but no farthings). I was given the big one as a joke when I started a computer science course in 1983 ("here is something which might be useful on your course...") and I bought the little one about three years ago for 18 pounds at a flea market (the vendor said it had been in use until recently by a funeral directors). The only other machines I have ever seen were in the Science Museum in London who were helpful when I contacted them. I also have a UK spec Plus Part-Keyboard similar to the 1952 adverts. That one is 9 columns plus carry in farthings. A lot of people think the Plus was a US machine but mine carries a data plate saying that it was built by the "original designers and patentees", The London Computator Corporation. I paid 10 pounds for it in a junk shop. My big Comptometer suffers from the same weeping key syndrome mentioned on your site and quite a few of the keys have shrunk about 20% in size. Only the white keys are affected, not the green ones. All three machines work. My big machine is missing one white 7 keytop and a white 11 keytop (for the pennies) and my PLUS is missing the S of PLUS if anyone has some spares and can help. There are pictures of my machines at . I will add a link from that page of my site to your site shortly.

Date: Sun May 14 18:41:48 2000
My_name: Alex Kinmond
Comments: I have two wooden box models on which I can find no serial numbers. Also a couple of key tops are missing. Is it possible to to replace them and if so where is the source to contact.

Date: Tue May 23 13:25:05 2000
My_name: Steven Segletes
Comments: I just picked up an F-model, SN122339, for $2 at a yard sale. The adding was not reliable, and in my efforts to diagnose the stuck spring, I jammed it (because of said stuck springed lever). 3 days and many hours later, I learned/fixed it to working order. Great toy.

Date: Fri May 26 07:37:11 2000
My_name: bj
Comments: i had a friend cleaning out his garage and had a model j. serial#257807. i ask him what it was. he said he didn't know but he's throwing it away along with other things and if i want it i could have it.i cleaned it up and seemed to be in working order, then i began my search to find out what it was. i was amazed when i found your website and all this information. now i don't know if i want to sell it or keep it, but i'm sure not gonna throw it out as my friend was gonna do. thank you very much for all the info, and by the way it is truly a nice website you have. sincerly; bj

Date: Fri May 26 07:37:31 2000
My_name: bj
Comments: i had a friend cleaning out his garage and had a model j. serial#257807. i ask him what it was. he said he didn't know but he's throwing it away along with other things and if i want it i could have it.i cleaned it up and seemed to be in working order, then i began my search to find out what it was. i was amazed when i found your website and all this information. now i don't know if i want to sell it or keep it, but i'm sure not gonna throw it out as my friend was gonna do. thank you very much for all the info, and by the way it is truly a nice website you have. sincerly; bj

Date: Thu Jun 1 11:45:20 2000
My_name: Sandy Rogers
Comments: Great website. Very informative. I was around Comptometers throughout my childhood and teen's since my Dad worked for Felt & Tarrant. I also went to comptometer school in Dallas, then worked part-time while I was in high school. I appreciate all the work you have put into this site.

Date: Sat Jun 10 18:12:12 2000
My_name: Lynn Walters
Comments: I'm looking for Comptometer Operators who graduated from the Comptometer School in Des Moines, Iowa (particularly 1942). Also, I would like to talk to graduates from other Comptometer Schools. Please e-mail me. Thanks!!

Date: Sun Jul 16 20:53:45 2000
My_name: bob
Comments: super info on comptometer.. I found the serial where you said it would be and model letter. It is J318993. perfect shape. Thanks again for all the info. Bob..

Date: Mon Jul 24 20:56:22 2000
My_name: Al Citerone
Comments: I bought a model F Comptometer SR# 132464 at a yard sale on 07/22/2000. It is in good condition, fully functional. The woman I bought it from worked for the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. She purchased it from the B&O, when they were upgrading to different machines, in the late 1940's to use in a side business. What is the approciment value of a model F in good condition? She also had two of another model Comptometer. They were green and rounded and had one key for division and multiplication with 11column of numbers (if I remember correctly). They looked more modern, art deco style. This model was also made by Felt & Tarrant Co. There was not a plate with patents dates or model numbers on them. Does anyone know any thing about these including value?

Date: Sat Aug 5 07:45:48 2000
My_name: Bill
Comments: This is a great website. Thank you for the effort that has gone into it.

Date: Wed Aug 16 13:49:25 2000
My_name: Gloria E.
Comments: In 1956 I attended Comptometer school, where I was taught to operate a Felt & Tarrant And Boroughs machine. When I got my first job I operated a Sumlock. I am now a freelance operator and I have two comptometer 993s,and I use them all the time. One of my machines had £sd keys but it was converted when decimalisation came in.

Date: Thu Aug 24 07:18:05 2000
My_name: Frank Jemiolo
Comments: Excellent site. I found it through search engine. I thought I had an H model but looking at the serial numbers on your site I find it is a J model in excellent condition.

Date: Wed Aug 30 16:31:46 2000
My_name: V. I. Lenin
Comments: Capitalistic tools used to further subjugate & chain Workers to the imperialist running dogs are another example of exploitation of Labor by the Bosses. Workers, throw off your chains and seize the means of production !!

Date: Thu Sep 7 07:27:00 2000
My_name: Michael Hancock
Comments: One of the best calc sites on the Web. Outstanding...

Date: Sun Sep 24 17:26:08 2000
My_name: leila
Comments: I have a J I just met a lady today that graduated from New York's Felt and Tarrant School in 1938 - I have two comptometers and J and a green one - I do not know what that one is - I am going to give her the green one as that is the one she used while working at Cluett and Peobody - also discovered I have an oil can that was given with the comptometers, Love your site - I love my comptometer

Date: Sun Oct 8 18:41:45 2000
My_name: Marcel Saucier
Comments: Hello from Canada, I have a J-298577, green box, 10 rows. Looking & Working perfectly well. What is the value of this machine ? I am working as a programmer, I was so interested to that machine, that my brother-in-law gave it to me before his death.

Date: Fri Oct 20 20:51:14 2000
My_name: Jeff
Comments: I just purchased a Comptometer H-Model, SN#240349 at an auction for $1.00! It works perfectly, but is missing one key cover for the nine in the upper most right hand corner. At first I had bought it for my children, as kids love to push buttons. However, after realizing how old and neat it is, I'm keeping it for myself.

Date: Mon Oct 23 18:36:07 2000
My_name: Jim Miner
Comments: Thanks for making this site available. I enjoy taking a look at what you have. I had to learn how to run one of these beasts in college, and have always wanted one. Now I have three!

Date: Thu Nov 16 20:01:36 2000
My_name: Marianne Noyes-Ryder
Comments: I am a descendant of Dorr E. Felt through my father, Nicholas Felt Noyes. My daughter is considering doing her History Day project on Dorr E. Felt if she can find enough primary sources. Your website is terrific, but we need other material as well...Any suggestions? PLease e-mail us! Thank you so much!

Date: Mon Nov 20 09:19:05 2000
My_name: Jay M. Goldman
Comments: Hi Brooke - I've been using this site as the definitive reference on comptometers, ever since I acquired my first comptometer (a model C). I return to it regularly for info and updates. It's a great site and a big help to all collectors. Thanks for making it available to all of us!

Date: Thu Dec 7 00:39:57 2000
My_name: Laurra's No Boss Ink!
Comments: Thank you!!! You have a great and wonderful site! Easy to navigate and chock full of the real stuff!

Date: Sat Jan 6 08:30:42 2001
My_name: michel hilson
Comments: hello,i am michel and i live in brussel (belgium). it's today i discover your wonderful site. i have a model F N° 121868 black patented 06-04-12 and a model J N° 255409 silver patented 11-02-20. also burroughs E5-1118721 black. plus 10-12 others (original odhner , brunswiga , facit , ... i am very happy to learn about comptometers and the way to do multiplications and divisions. i am 56 yo and my business is surveyor.thanks and best wishes

Date: Wed Jan 24 13:20:30 2001
My_name: Shauna
Comments: I found my Comptometer about seven years ago, laying by the side of a dumpster. Took it home and put it on a table. Finally became curious about it a few years ago and the owner of this site was kind enough to send me an e-mail chock full of info. Now I love Comptometers and am so thankful to Vagabond for offering all this history and information! I know this page must take a lot of time and love so I thank you for doing this for all of us!

Date: Mon Feb 19 16:13:29 2001
My_name: Gene Graber
Comments: This is wonderful resource. Thanks for you effort and for making it available.

Date: Wed Feb 21 14:34:05 2001
My_name: kim ulysses
Comments: My great aunt was a comptometer operator in London during World War 2, but I didn't think I'd ever find out exactly what her job involved...until I found this site. Thanks!

Date: Thu Mar 1 17:15:32 2001
My_name: James Bruder
Comments: I found a Burroughs direct adding machine at a thrift store a few days ago and began searching for information to help identify it. I found little information on direct adding machines until I visited this web site. Although I still haven't identified this machine's model, I have learned alot about the history and workings of early calculating machines. Great site!

Date: Mon Mar 12 19:12:46 2001
My_name: Mollie Babize
Comments: I grew up in Illinois, the granddaughter of Gertrude Felt Babcock, Dorr's sister. Of course, we had a comptometer sitting on the shelf in the study, and mom told us her uncle invented it, but I had no idea anyone else was interested in this information until my sister referred me to this site. What a trip!! I especially appreciate the "peacock" ancestral register... Now I know who Moses Morris was!! (His portrait was in our living room)

Date: Thu Mar 15 12:55:45 2001
My_name: John Petermann
Comments: I have a wooden comptometer that has the silver plate with the latest pat'd of sept,22 1896,I think the serial# is 3543 ( i found this number on the front by the 4 and 5 lever)I am interested in the value and rarity but not intersted in selling.I also do not know the model , any info would be great. Great web site

Date: Tue Mar 20 13:20:05 2001
My_name: Joan S. White
Comments: After having to change that little tiny ink roller in my calculator, it makes you long for the good old Comptometer days. No ink! No cartridges! Just an occasional power outage.

Date: Thu Mar 22 08:09:42 2001
My_name: Sharon Maycock
Comments: How can a lady I care for, who was a fellow comptometer operator, get in touch with anyone still alive and well, who she would have a lot in common with?

Date: Sun Apr 1 19:13:39 2001
My_name: Craig H.,Pa.
Comments: I finally found your web site.It was worth the effort!Here's one to add to your list:I have a really fine condition wood cased Comptometer,serial #2460, with nickel rimmed keytops.It is a cornerstone in my collection of early office equipment.Keep up the good work!

Date: Tue May 8 20:36:47 2001
My_name: Richard L.Palmer
Comments:I live real close to d.e. felts summer house in michigan. (saugatuck), I have many pictures of this place and videos of our walkes we take out there quite often, I'm doing research on this property and the past of d.e. felts summer cottage and have felt the presance of the felt family there as well. This all has brought me closer to solving the mistery to the spirits, the land, and the memories behind the property, the the family, and the living relatives. If you ave any information at all, pleaze write me and on the subject please write, MANSION and the date and all information will be stored. If you have any questions that I may be able to help with I'll try to ask, and if yolu all know any family in this area please contact me. Sincelerly, Richard l. Palmer (I live 17 miles away from there summer cotage)

Date: Thu May 10 20:37:08 2001
My_name: Christine Tarrant
Comments: I found your site to be very enlightening because I have to do a report for school on the Comptometer! I also found it kinda cool that my great(times what...3? I'm 13, give me a break)-grandpa had some part in making this machine a success (don't get me wrong, I didn't just surf in, I've known about Felt's Comptemeter for years)! Thank you for supplying all of this wonderful information for me, it makes my life easier! Anyhoo, I like you background and clear vocabulary!

Date: Sun May 27 16:30:43 2001
My_name: Andrew Felt
Comments: I stumbled on this site by accident. Very interesting to see what a distant relative was up to.

Date: Sun Jun 3 09:17:14 2001
My_name: c.wallis
eMail: petcat@bushinternet
Comments: I trained at Commercial calculating co. ltd. Our office was at Kern House in Kingsway London. After I completed my training I serveda 5 year apprenticeship. We were a calculating service co. we went to firms and also had work in our various offices around the country. My base was at Croydon.We had some good times. I am still in touch with some of the girls. We are all getting on a bit now. My maiden name was Davis, first name Catherine.Any old Commercial girls out there.

Date: Mon Jun 18 12:14:43 2001
My_name: Richard Ravich
Comments: Somehowwe wound up with a Comptometer when I was in grade school or possibly high school (late 1950's to mid 1960's) and I remember it fondly while trying to figure out how to subtract and multiply on it. Thanks for a great web site.

Date: Mon Aug 20 14:22:34 2001
My_name: Lena Jonsson
Comments: We are glad we found anything about this comptometer, but i can figur out how you use it. It was my fathers mothers sister using our comptometer from 1925 to around 1955. By from Sweden, Lena Jonsson

Date: Mon Oct 1 01:05:01 2001
My_name: Julie
Comments: I really like this site and greatly appreciate all of the wonderful pictures and articles about each of ther comptometer models. I am doing a presentation tomorrow for chemistry and this needed to be included so thank you very much!!

Date: Fri Mar 22 13:50:15 2002
My_name: karine

Date: Tue Mar 26 11:39:34 2002
My_name: RJW
Comments: I have three Model F comptometers which I am considering selling on Ebay. They are serial numbers 102980, 108668 and 138147. It does not appear that they were produced in that order since the name plates on the first two indicate that 108668 was produced before 102980 due to the patents listed. The third one does not have a plate. Two of them have key tops missing. None of the key tops match the other machines. All of them are functional but need a good cleaning. I don't think they would pass all the tests, but have not taken the time to try. Any interest in these machines?

Date: Sat Mar 30 14:16:11 2002
My_name: Biff Schaffer
Comments: Excellant site: I received a model A machine, ser.#17057, which passes all tests and in nearly perfect condition-no dents, all keys, all screws and works great. I would like information on what to do with it. I like using it as a novelty and I was wondering if this is o.k. or if I should keep my hands off from it and just admire it from afar. Please E-mail me with suggestions, comments, or words of wisdom: Thanks

Date: Sun Mar 31 15:01:28 2002
My_name: dave
Comments: i have a sept.22;1896 (is the last sure what to do with it.all works great,1 round key missing&in very good condition.

Date: Sun Mar 31 15:08:10 2002
My_name: dave
Comments: attachment^^^also has tin cover w/felt&tarrant co. on it.

Date: Wed Apr 10 16:16:21 2002
My_name: dave
Comments: i have the 2 comments above any info would be great/thanks

Date: Sun May 26 13:15:15 2002
My_name: Robert
eMail: Windwarrior@Msn.Com
Comments: Looking for a c. 1962 version of the comptometer. (Model # 3F3-162 ???) And yes I still use the one I have, fully functional, but no longer have a fully working backup. Does anyone have one ? Please advise... Robert Windwarrior@Msn.Com

Date: Tue Jul 9 00:18:25 2002
My_name: Pamela Woodall Ellington
Comments: My grandparents, Joseph James Woodall and my grandmother, Letitia Anne Jacskon Woodall where the Farm Caretakers and Grandma cooked for the farm hands... My dad, Robert John Woodall and one of his brothers, Donald Richard Woodall were born at the Farm.. Dad talks about all the wild animals that were there.. There were caves and orchards... Mr. Felt had huge cages for the animals...

Date: Wed Aug 14 12:19:41 2002
My_name: Rob Hos
eMail: r,
Comments: I just found and bought a J- model (J 295877)on a summer-sale. It is in perfect condition. Its trade shield has Dutch words in it . Maybe someone can tell me more about it. Can I "count" on some reactions ? I hope so. My friendly regards, Rob Hos Eiber 84 2411 LB Bodegraven Holland

Date: Sat Nov 9 15:23:47 2002
My_name: Cathy Babcock
Comments: Nice site. My father is William F Babcock, his father was Charles Babcock and his father was William F Babcock! I hope to visit the Felt estate next time we are up near Holland.

Date: Sun Nov 10 21:12:16 2002
My_name: nan
Comments: Loved your site!!!! High school in 50's. Learned comptometer in Business Course. Brought back some good old memories. Amazing to think that I actually operated one of these "relics".

Date: Sat Nov 16 15:17:12 2002
My_name: Bee Howard
Comments: I learned to operate a Comptometer in 1944 and worked as a payroll clerk for Lever Bros in St. Louis and McCall Corporation and Dayton, Ohio. I mentioned this fact to my son, age 54, he had never heard of a Comptometer.We went on line and found this site. Thank you for all this wonderful info.

Date: Thu Dec 26 13:23:05 2002
My_name: rob hos
Comments: i spelled my email account wrong,14 august 2002 here is the good one. hope to hear something! rob

Date: Thu Feb 6 17:23:52 2003
My_name: Alice
Comments: I used my comptometer for nearly 20 years at work, and when the company went bankrupt, I had mine at home where I was working. I still have it--needs a little adjusting, but, the man who used to service it has long since passed away.

Date: Sat May 10 19:14:10 2003
My_name: Susie Wolfert
Comments: I just found a Felt & Tarrant Comptometer at a garage sale. Was fasinated by the machine and it's look. Mine works great and is in great condition. Nothing is missing. The keys are black and ivory. After reading your web site I believe I own a H Model SN200226. I would like to find out what it is worth. I have enjoyed your site. It was full of wonderful information. Thank-you.

Date: Sat Aug 23 15:53:18 2003
My_name: Dick Riggs
Comments: just bought one these old comptemeter machines at an auction. It is in mint condition. What is the approx. value?

Date: Thu Sep 4 05:48:12 2003
My_name: Michael ausmikki
Comments: Love the work, it made me laugh, it made me cry, i was in another world, it passionate moments were intence, breathtakingly breathtaking. What more can I say....

Date: Sun Oct 19 10:51:25 2003
My_name: Ryan
Comments: Hi I just bought a Model F comptometer for $12 and It had Marlin Rockwell plainville Connecticut scratched into it. I looked that name up and it is the name of a 1980's Credit union. Why do you think this was scratched on the side??

Date: Sat Nov 15 20:12:35 2003
My_name: Charlie Biehn
Comments: I was a salesman and then a District Sales Manager for Comptometer from 1956 to 1962 in Greensboro, NC and then on to Allentown and Scranton, PA. In addition to sales of new machines I also operated two schools, one in Allentown and one in Scranton. I would enjoy hearing from any other Comptometer Alumni

Date: Fri Dec 12 07:55:03 2003
My_name: al mclean
Comments: 1st time user

Date: Tue Jan 13 10:51:03 2004
My_name: dave
Comments: cool site

Date: Sun Jan 18 18:24:10 2004
My_name: Leila Price
Comments: My Mom recently died at age 98. Despite many "near misses" to getting rid to the comptometer she used in my Dad's accounting office, I still have hers and ascertain from this website that it must be a model H (SN 234482). I don't know now to operate it nor whether it is functional; but I will look further on the website for hints to operate it.

Date: Tue Jan 20 20:21:08 2004
My_name: Steve
Comments: Saw my first machine at a Southern California swap meet in the mid 1960s for $5.00, we used it for years in my mom's antique store, it was complete with no missing parts other than the four rubber feet on the bottom and worked for years with no problems or glitches. Just recently cleaned out much of my mom's stuff and found it in a room full of leftovers from the shop. It has serial number 217039 so that would make it the H model. It still works as well as it did all the years I was delegated the task to add up the various days sales when I was young, still no missing or damaged parts, just an extra thick layer of dust. I was always fascinated with many gadgets I could find over the years this is one of the few I didn't destroy taking apart, too useful for adding up those long columns to risk it not being able to put it back together, many fond memories....

Date: Fri Jan 30 09:53:25 2004
My_name: Jerry Seinfeld
Comments: I've always wanted to get one of these, maybe my dream will come true some day.

Date: Mon Feb 9 12:00:10 2004
My_name: William B. "Skip" Freely
Comments: I have a model H (Serial No. 221953) in good working condition. Cleaning it up, and getting it ready for another 80 years of service! Skip

Date: Sat Feb 28 12:35:51 2004
My_name: philip gauthier
Comments: I have a late model original-odhner bought at an auction this thing is in excellent condition, and in fine working order, any collectors out there interested?

Date: Mon Mar 8 18:16:34 2004
My_name: Phillip
Comments: I am trying to get information on a Burroughs Calculator. It has the comptometer type keys and the serial number is C 16340 S. Any info you have would be helpful. I am considering restoring the unit with original parts. Thanks, Phillip

Date: Fri Mar 26 19:15:58 2004
My_name: tom sniezek
Comments: I just thought I would let you know I found a model "A" comptometer at a old 1880's farm house here in michigan. It doesn't work very well since it was outside for sometime, It's a little rusty and is missing the glass peice. The model number is 20603.

Date: Fri Mar 26 23:55:10 2004
My_name: Margot
Comments: I have lost lots of time going through this site and having memories awakened. I grew up playing with my grandfather's Comptometer (a J I think). He used it constantly, and taught me to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. (I always used to forget the divide algorithm). One of the fun things was entering all 9s and then adding a single 1 to it. At times I would jam the keys, but the next time I was there, they would mysteriously be fixed. I've always wondered if this experience over the years (along with reading lots of science fiction) helped propel me into computers in the late 60s. Family lore tells me that he had started at Comptometer as an office boy (left home in Texas at 14 because of too many mouths to feed and came to Los Angeles), and worked his way up to western regional sales manager for Comptometer. I heard stories of his making sure all the workers got paid during the depression. I examined the photo of 100 salesmen, but didn't see any that looked like his younger photos. His comptometer was later stolen. Over the years, I have acquired two old used ones (both Js) - one mostly functions but has been dropped and was painted black, the other has the beautiful metal work but doesn't function. The keys on one have cracks, on the other they are gooey as though something they were cleaned with interacted with the material. Does anyone know what materials the keytops were made of, and/or what liquids are safe to use for cleaning grime from the keytops? Also, the repair page talks about replacing key shafts and tops together, where does one get these things? I was thinking of making some new key tops using polymer clay Or maybe I'll make some wood, or copper, or sterling silver key tops? I'm torn between opportunites for artistic expression, and restoration, if I do make my own key tops. Thanks for the site! -- it has been quite an evening.

Date: Thu Apr 8 14:12:39 2004
My_name: Dieter Beaugrand
Comments: My father, Louis Beaugrand, has been the German Distributor of Comptometer from 1925 to 1960. He died a couple of month after he was informed by Felt & Tarrant that they have agreed to move out of Europe for the benefit of Sumlock, a competitor of Comptometer. I have sold Comptometer in the company of my fathr and continued to sell Sumlock after his death.

Date: Wed May 5 06:32:08 2004
My_name: Héctor Peña Cabrera
Comments: My father, Héctor Peña Lizana, was the first representant of Comptometer in South America. First, he was located in México DC and later in his own country, Chile. When I was born, in Santiago de Chile, my father has a fluent contact with the Company. In his office, he teaches to chilean operators and I learn too. Whith cordial regards, Héctor Peña Cabrera

Date: Tue Jun 1 00:52:27 2004
My_name: Jamie Gibson
Comments: I also have a copy of "The Soldiers' French Phrase Book". it is a 2nd ed. It is also signed by someone who i would assume was a soldier who used it. Could you please send me any information you might have about what it could be worth? Thanks.

Date: Sun Jun 6 18:45:16 2004
My_name: jason lewis
Comments: i just recived the "j" model from a friend. it came from GE in the plant where they make heating elements for stoves. it has a few numbers broke of but is still working. i would like to find out more about it value

Date: Sun Jun 27 11:40:32 2004
My_name: Les Williams
Comments: I recently aquired a Model A Comptometer Serial Number 17772. The Glass is broken in two pieces with a small piece missing in the center. It appears to have a paper mask under the glass to allow only the numbers to show. It is dirty but all keys and corner case screws are present. Great web site, Thanks, Les

Date: Mon Aug 2 05:04:58 2004
My_name: phylis parker
eMail: phyll@gibsoncountylnet
Comments: In the 1950's the office I worked in used electric comptometers. They had a top on them where the computations appeared. Are there any of these around, or anyone that worked on one?

Date: Mon Sep 6 15:50:03 2004
My_name: Gerry Nelson
Comments: Phillip, I noticed your note on this site. I just picked up what might be similar model with S/N C2478S. The picture I found was on have you bee able to find anything more about your machine? Is it the E5? I have note been able to find anything else on this model. let me know what you have found out. Thanks, Gerry

Date: Fri Sep 24 22:40:59 2004
My_name: William
Comments: Hey, thanks for the info about the early calculators. It never ceases to amaze me how far we've come in so little time, you know?

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Date: Tue Nov 23 10:12:13 2004
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Comments: Hello from France what a great site ! I have a Beautifull Super Totalizer Model ( 10 digits ) , so i see it was a rare item ! What is the price of this model ? bests regards Valéry

Date: Tue Nov 23 10:17:46 2004
My_name: Valéry
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Date: Sun Dec 12 06:18:50 2004
My_name: Andrea Patrucco
Comments: I have an Italian Comptometer with serial number 21560, patent number 398-16, manufactured by Giovanni Ferraris in Turin. It seems like a B-type but keyboard colors are slighty different. Could you, pls, give me some more details? Thanks in advance, best Regards Andrea

Date: Sun Dec 19 03:18:24 2004
My_name: Gunther
Comments: Hi guys, recently bought me a supertotalizer at a small market. At the time i didn't knew anything about these machines, it just lloked nice and in good condition. It doesn't work still, some kids pushed too many buttons at the same time. This website gave me some very interesting information, i also mailed the creator of the site and got, within one day, an answer with even more information. It shows in every detail that this is a quality site and so are the people behind it. Many thanks! (if any of you could give me a value on my supertotalizer that would be nice) Gunther (Belgium)

Date: Sun Dec 26 04:32:06 2004
My_name: Rene Geraets
Comments: Hi, I got a J-model comptometer from an uncle. I am living in Holland, is this an often used machine in Holland? This site was very usefull to me. I know now that I have a 1928 J-model. Is there someone who can tell the value of this machine. Chears

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Date: Fri May 6 17:10:40 2005
My_name: Lou Ste. Marie
Comments: I have what I believe is an H model. the serial # is 234726. Can anyone tell me what these are worth to a collector. I found this one when I was cleaning my mothers garage in southern California last year.

Date: Tue May 10 13:17:53 2005
My_name: catherine davis
Comments: Would like to know if any commercial calculating girls read this site?

Date: Thu Jun 16 01:57:41 2005
My_name: Tony Beswick
Comments: I have just 'restored' a UK-built, sterling keyboard, electric Comptometer carrying the serial 992-46028. Any suggestions to its date of manufacture ? Thanks

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Date: Tue Jul 5 09:07:50 2005
My_name: JP
Comments: Very informational site. I just "inherited" a comptometer from my grandmother, and was wondering about its history. It seems to be an "H" model based on the casing and the serial number (227624), but has 10 columns of keys, unlike the pictures of the models on this site - were there "H" models with 10 columns of keys?

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My_name: charles d. schultz
Comments: last week i attended a garage sale and found an old adding machine. the people that had the sale weren't quite sure what it was. i decided to locate your site through the name on the adding machine. i would like some information as to when the machine was built and how much it would be worth. i can only give you a description of it and the serial number. the serial number is 6-820747. it has 13 red keys at the very top of the machine. it has an open window in the front and left side to show the the mechanics of how it works. also has a rubber roller for paper and tray. large electric motor on the bottom. top of machine has 2 rows of month keys then 12 red, black and ivory keys. quite dusty so i would like to know what kind of solution i could use to clean it. some oil residue from the electric motor. i will be looking forward to your responce. thank you.

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Comments: I have what I believe is a Model B, SN26193. As best I can determine it is still functioning. It has been in my attic for about 30 years and was bought at in Vermont at an auction. This machine is missing some case screws. It has ten (10) columns of keys. I would appreciate any information available about this comptometer.

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