Biography of a Machine

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---- The Machine ----
The Models Testing Cleaning Repairing
The Mechanism Adding Machines Cases Parts
Valuations UnusualKeyboards Desks Later Models

---- The Software ----
Data Processing Operating The Schools The Operators

---- The Man ----
Dorr Eugene Felt His Associates His Family His Life and Times
------ Visit the Felt Mansion in Lakeland Township, Allegan County, Michigan ------
------ The Felt Estate Restoration Project (archival site) ------

---- The Company ----
The Company The Competitors The Customers Marketing

---- The Website ----
Recollections Guestbook What's Up CD-ROM

---- Appendices, etc. ----
Serial Numbers The Patents Wooden-cased
Links Credits, Sources, Acknowledgements me

What's this all about?

This 'eBook' is for those who are curious about the early development of the business calculator around the turn of the twentieth century in America. Also, for the ever-growing number of collectors, curators and just fans of this elegant machine, the "shoebox" Comptometer.

(J-model) Learn about the various models, their features and how to identify them. About their inventor and the company he created to make them. About the Comptometer schools he set up to train the operators and place them in jobs. About the competitors and their machines, the business battles and the deals. News, feature articles and interviews with collectors, curators, restorers and archivists. Hopefully a Chat Board and Registry for owners of these elegant machines.

This is a living history of a remarkable invention, the role that it played in the business life of its time and the man who created it...

Dedicated to the memory of Dorr Eugene Felt

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