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"I just wanted you to know that your wonderful information helped me to win my case against a 300 ft tower which was to be put up in my back yard. Please let others know that it is possible to fight these things. I can't thank you enough!"
Kris Alonge, email = blueiris

[ Thanks Kris, that is a message everybody should think about. We CAN do something about this stuff, if we care, and put energy into it. Unfortunately, Kris didn't leave his domain, so I couldn't e-mail him back. - Ed. ]

Congratulations to you Robert Bedard ... for providing the most attractive and informative EMF page on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Roy Beavers (EMFguru),

I am pleased to have found your pages. Keep up the GOOD work ...
- Clas Tegenfeldt, BEMI, and FEB, Sweden

... a serious attempt to expose the hype and address a controversial subject with reason and research.
- Char Roberts, Charlotte's Web, Lamorinda, CA

Just scoped out what you added about the Alliance to your site. Tremendous job!!!!! Looks terrific!
- Cathy Bergman, EMR Alliance, e-mail to,
Web Page: The EMR Alliance

Your page is great!!
... it's the best site I've seen about EMFs.
- Giampaolo, Areilos Cooking Appliances - Modena, Italy

It's set out perfectly and says all the right things. Best regards and congratulations on a superb Site.
- ZED, Perth, Australia

HotWired's Ask Dr.Weil had a link to your site on May 22. The article on radiation linked to your site ...
- Patrick FitzGerald, HotWired Marketing Department

I wrote just to let you know how much I appreciate your guide. Thanks!
- Nancy Lowe

Kudos to you for a helpful site, I knew I would find some help out there! I just found out that a tower has been planned a block away!
- Wendy & Craig

... and a follow-up ...

Thanks for your response...we have been out of town or we would have read it sooner. The sad thing is, the day after we sent the mail message, the tower was up! It seems you have their m.o. down pat. We found out that no one even had to notify the community! We also found out that the Telecommunications Act passed this year does not allow a community to prevent a tower being put up on grounds of it being a 'potential' health hazard.
- Wendy & Craig

There are plans right now in my town to install a cellular base station very near to my home. I have worked hard to fight the proposal, and have roused interest in my community to help out. Your information was extremely helpful in my cause. Thank You very much,
- Nick.

I'm so glad to see good EMF info online. I linked that page to the Pennsylvania Environmental Network page at my website.
- Mike Ewall MXE115@PSUVM.PSU.EDU, Activists' Center for Training In Organizing and Networking

I think it's great that you post this information on the Web, and post an "optimistic" and "objective" view of it. Ok, so I know there is a risk now, so what can I do about it personally? Is there some kind of guide for living a life free of EMF's. Obviously people in our society can't function without some exposure to EMF's, in some form. So I can't do much about the overhead power lines, or the cellular phones, with out getting into some huge legal battle. Is there any information on personal prevention? Tips on what kind of appliances to buy, computers, microwaves, clocks, refrigerators. A guide that explains what .2 microtesla is and what the common EMF output is for household appliances and equipment? A guide on choosing a residential location (apartment or house site) away from EMF's?
- Sheila MacEvoy

[Sheila has asked some excellent questions here, and ones that I am sure are on many people's minds. She has also made clear an area where WaveGuide is currently lacking. Watch for me to try and tackle some of these questions over the next few months. -Editor]

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