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The EMR Alliance

Mission Statement

We believe that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is hazardous to life and consitutes a significant threat to the public's health.

We are in favor of and hope to enhance local, regional, national and international efforts to reduce, mitigate, and where possible, eliminate hazardous exposure to EMR.

We are committed to educating and informing the public about the biological effects and environmental concerns associated with EMR.

The EMR Alliance was formed to provide a forum for effective communication and organization for citizen actions groups involved in the EMR issue.

Cellular Transmission Tower Information

The EMR Alliance is offering two new publications as of December 1996.

Cell Tower Static, Consumers Cause Interference In The Race To A Wireless World
The first is a free pamphlet, "Cell Tower Static, Consumers Cause Interference In The Race To A Wireless World," which provides a great overview of this controversy. Here are three excerpts from it:

"The wireless revolution has brought with it many health and safety concerns that consumers believe have not been properly addressed or researched by either the communications industry or government and regulatory agencies."

"A September 19, 1996 press release from the Cellular Telecommunications Indutry Association, (CTIA), confirms that the wireless communications industry has set new annual records with over $20,000,000,000 in combined revenue in the last 12 months in the US alone."

"The Telecommunications Act of 1996 established the Federal Commnications Commission (FCC) as the regulatory agency to set and enforce radio-frequency safety levels. This, in spite of the fact that the FCC has acknowledged, time and time again, that it is not a public health agency."

Your Community Guide to Cellular Phone Towers
Your Community Guide to Cellular Phone Towers is a book, published in cooperation with the Communication Workers of America. This is THE resource book for any individual or community that is concerned about getting more information than what the Cellular Carrier is providing. An absolute must, and a give-away at the price listed below.

    Chapters in Your Community Guide to Cellular Phone Towers:
  1. What's a cellular phone tower?
  2. How are cellular sites regulated?
  3. Why oppose towers in your community?
  4. How to oppose towers
  5. How communities are fighting cellular towers
  6. Sample language of town ordinances on cell towers
  7. Making your case at a local hearing
  8. Getting people involved
  9. One woman's story
  10. Common arguments for and against cell towers
  11. Sample letters and petition
  12. Glossary of terms
  13. Resources for more information on cellular towers
These are both very good. The book is excellent, buy an extra copy to pass on to your city council.

Become a Member of The EMR Alliance

As a member of The EMR Alliance, you are joining an international coalition of people concerned about the vital issue of electromagnetic field radiation.

Your membership includes an annual subscription to Network News, a frameable membership certificate and wallet size membership card, timely press releases and position papers from the Alliance, and makes you eligible for discounts on various products and services.

We are proud to announce that as an Alliance member you qualify for a 50% discount on Microwave News, acknowledged world-wide as the leading authority on EMF.

Product and Membership Information

The EMR Alliance
410 W. 53rd Street, Suite 105
New York, NY 10019
(212) 554-4073 (voice)
(212) 977-5541 (fax)
Here is really good stuff you can get from The EMR Alliance. You can write to either of the addresses to the right and ask for a Product Information/Order Form, if you are a forms kind of person, or you could probably print this page, circle the items you want, and enclose a check with the SHIP TO ADDRESS CLEARLY MARKED SOMEWHERE.

Annual MembershipIncludes frameable wall certificate, membership card, current information on Alliance activities, various discounts on products and an annual subscription to the quarterly journal Network News.$75.00 (Individual)
$100.00 (group)
Add $15 outside US
Annual Subscription to Network NewsQuarterly journal (without membership) reporting on the EMR debate from the consumer's perspective.$50.00
Add $15 outside US
Your Community Guide to Cellular Phone Towers (book)The Communication Workers of America and the EMR Alliance have prepared and jointly published Your Community Guide to Cellular Phone Towers to help consumers mobilize against the placement of cellular phone transmission facilities (antennas, towers, base stations, etc.) where they believe that such placement would adversely affect their health, safety, property values or the aesthetics of their community.$10.00 (individuals)
Add $5 outside US
$25.00 (industry reps)
Add $10 outside US
Cellular Phone Antenna and Tower Info PackageUpdated 5-24-97 Now over 700 pps in a 3-ring binder! This voluminous package contains hundreds of news clips that report on international consumer opposition to unsafe siting to cellular phone transmission facilities, as well as copies of moratoriums, sample petitions, letters to elected officials and other information vital to the consumer opposed to unsafe cell sites.$50.00
Add $6 outside US
EMF Grassroots HandbookA Guide for EMF Activists$20.00
Add $5 outside US
EMF Hazard Free School Zone PackageIncludes timely news articles about EMF exposure in the school place, Alliance school petition and current legislation information.$7.50
Add $3 outside US
Information Package on The EMF AllianceIncludes membership info, sample copy of Network News, and select new clippings on various EMF topics.$10.00
Add $3 outside US
Dr. Gauss - The Gaussmeter DetectiveGaussmeter, write for more information.$30.00 (member) $40.00 (non-member)
Add $15 outside US
Informational BrochuresThe EMR Alliance - This six panel brochure details the Mission Statement of the Alliance, outlines its growth and activities and provides information on EMR. Single copies are free upon request.
Electrical Sensitivity - This six panel brochure details the growing concern about ES, its symptoms, treatment approaches and organizations to contact for additional information. Single copies are free upon request.
5 copies for $5, 10 for $7, 15 for $10, 25 for $13.50, or 50 for $20
Back Issues of Network NewsIndicate specific issue(s) you desire when ordering.$10.00 per issue
Add $3 outside US

EMR Alliance Members receive a 10% Discount!

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