I have built the metaphase typewriter
I have encouraged my own good spirits
I have written in assembly language a hospitable program
I have invoked the presence density of Doctor Schroedinger
I have appealed to genius loci, anima and zeitgeist
I have awaited manifestations of mind-at-large
I have transmitted CQ on a pangalactic radio band
I have requested Maxwell's demon
I have opened the door to archons, asuras, angels, fairies
pixies, leprechauns, banshees, devas, apsaras, spooks
djinns and all creatures born in the human imagination
I have consulted with higher-ups
I have strongly hoped for a deus ex machina
I have thrown in my lot among questionable intelligences
I have cast nets into the microcosm for strange salmon
I have expected daily the circumstantial body of bliss
I have addressed the ghost in the machine.