Animania IV
Trip Theme

Sung to the theme of Animaniacs
Music by Richard Stone
Original Traveling Animaniacs lyrics by Richard Stone and Julie Bernstein
New lyrics by Jay Maynard

It's time for Animaniacs
And we're really makin' tracks
Let's run 'cross the USA
And we'll meet up in L.A.
We're travelin' maniacs!

Come join us on our journey as we race across the land
We're coming from all over just to shake each other's hand
We'll have fun doing all the stuff that Brendan Dunn has planned
And if they're lucky we won't leave the place a vast wasteland

We're travelin' maniacs
Most of us will drive compacts
Board a bus or take a yak
Or just fly to LAX
We're travelin' maniacs!

From Miami to Portland, all the places in between
From Houston and elsewhere we come to see and to be seen
Invading Warner Bros., it should be really keen
But if we breathe the air out there we might turn slightly green

We're travelin' maniacs
We've filled up our luggage racks
HubCity will keep track
Of our progress there and back
We're Animaney
Totally insaney
Let's hope it doesn't rainey
Pipe down in back!