Animania IV

So, why was it called "Animania IV," anyway?

Animania I

Animania I was an attempt to show all (50 at the time) episodes of Animaniacs for a group of people. It was to be held in Waco, Texas, in February 1994.

Animania II

Animania II was a successful attempt to do what Animania I had failed. Bob Repas screened all (then) 65 episodes of Animaniacs for people in Cleveland, Ohio, in June 1994.

Animania III

Animania III was held in Madison, Wis., in August 1994 by people who were unable to attend the Cleveland gathering. Thirty selected episodes were shown.

Animania events held since Animania IV:

Animania V

Animania V was held in Woodland and Sacramento, Calif., in September 1995, after Sarah "Yakkette" Dealy couldn't stand not being able to go to Animania IV. Approximately 20 people from as far away as Florida and New York attended an Animaniacs Voice Tour stop and together watched an all-new episode as it aired. The episode, as it turned out, included a short shown to the Animania IV gang at Warner Bros.: "The Please Please Please Get-a-Life Foundation."

Animania VI

Animania VI was held in Chicago, Ill., in ?, 1995? Approximately five people attended.

Animania VII

Animania VII was held throughout New York and New Jersey in March? of 1996. About a dozen people from as far away as California attended an Animaniacs Voice Tour stop and had a bag of fun at the U.N.

Animania VIII

Animania VIII was held in San Francisco, Mountain View and San Jose, Calif., in May of 1996. Ten people from as far away as New York attended the final Pinky and The Brain World Domination Tour stop. Some also visited Chinatown and Telegraph Hill, and watched a handful of episodes.

Animania IX

Animania IX took place in early June 1996, in San Antonio, Texas. Six people were in attendance.

Animania X

Animania X was held in the Los Angeles area (centered in Cypress, Calif.) in late June 1996. Nearly 20 people total from as far away as Australia did several activities in small groups, except for the massive video marathon and pizza inhalation.

Animania XI

Animania XI was held in Ann Arbor, Mich., December 18 through 23, 1996. Seven people were in attendance.

Animania XII

Animania XII was held in Boston, Mass., March 7 through 9, 1997. Approximately five people were in attendance.

Animania XIII

Dubbed "CafeMania" because its planners hang out in an IRC channel called #warnercafe, Animania XIII was held in Ann Arbor, Mich., June 27 through July 1, 1997. Approximately 10 people from as far away as Texas attended.

Animania XIV

Dubbed "Canamania" because it is the first Animania event held in Canada, Animania XIV was held in Vancouver, B.C., August 14 through 17, 1997. Thirteen people attended, from as far away as England. Some continued down the Pacific coast, meeting more people as far south as Santa Cruz by early September.