Animania IV
E! News Report on Animania IV

Transcribed by Ron O'Dell

Egg asked me to transcribe this, since he got it on videotape but it wasn't closed-captioned. I figure those who missed it or couldn't see it at all might at least want to know what was said, so I'm posting it. Significant shot changes are mentioned, but not all. Sooooo, here we go!

[1 September 1995]

Transcription of E! News Daily piece about Animania IV

First preview:

Dagny Hultgreen:  ...and what are real-life computer hackers doing in
                  a recording studio?  Why, singing, of course.


Second preview:

Steve Kmetko:  We'll be right back to wrap things up on E! News Daily...

DH: a recording session where regular Internet surfers get in
     their hacks with the Animaniacs.

(shot of us singing ends focused on Jess Harnell)

   All the places in between
   From Houston and elsewhere
   We'll come to see and to be seen



SK:  They're off the wall, and irreverent, but fans love them.  The
     Warner Bros. cartoon "Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs" has
     legions of followers, including a large group who converse on
     the Internet.  Realizing these fans weren't just casual followers,
     the producers decided to invite them to the set.

(clip from `Please Please Please Get-A-Life Foundation')

Geek:  There's this guy with a T-shirt that says `839' on it, and that's
       the cartoonists' union, Local 839, OK...?

(audio fades to the background)

Molly Gore (pinkinia):  We have a very good sense of humor about ourselves.
                        If we didn't have a very good sense of humor, we
                        wouldn't be fans of the show.

(shot of us filing off the soundstage)

SK:  These 20 Animaniac fans are meeting each other in person for the
     first time, but they're already close friends.

(clip from PPPGALF)

SK:  They converse on the computer, every day, about their favorite
     animated show.

Jay Maynard (Splutter):  We spend a lot of time discussing not only
                         Animaniacs, but... the show, because it has
                         so many cultural references in it, the
                         discussions on the net lead off in all kinds
                         of directions, because... just spinoffs from
                         discussing what's appeared.

(shot of Richard Stone conducting the orchestra for `Bingo')

SK:  The Internet fans were given the royal treatment while on the set --
     watching the orchestra score one segment...

(shot of Ron O'Dell (Keeper) shaking hands with Tress MacNeille)

SK:  ...meeting the actors behind the voices...

(shot of us crooning)

SK:  ...even getting to sing the theme song.

   We're travelin' maniacs!

SK:  Tress MacNeille and Jess Harnell provide the voices of Dot and
     Wakko on the show.

Jess Harnell:  The nicest thing about it is that what we do isn't like
               working on a sitcom where you work in front of an audience,
               so when we get to meet the people who watch the show and
               who like it so well, it's great for us.  It really means
               a lot to us.

(shot of us crooning)

   Let's hope it doesn't rainy
   Pipe down in back!

(shot of Wakko malleting Geek)

SK:  Gee, it'd be fun to have them for parents, wouldn't it, with voices
     like that?  Enim-- Animaniacs -- pbbbl -- airs Saturdays on the
     Warner Bros. network.

DH:  Maybe brothers and sisters.