Nighttime magic neverending
As we try to cope with that ultimate ruse,
The bane of human existence,
The myth known as happiness.
Rainbow-chasing children
romping unknowingly through forests of false hopes
dreaming deludedly of elusive happiness;
The magic of nighttime is the happiness of sleep
where myth becomes reality and lovers can give of themselves
freely until............
The chasm of daybreak rudely intervenes and their world becomes
illusion once more,
monochrome rainbows twisted into mocking icons
of illogical impropriety
plunging crazily into that cruel canyon of chronic crises.
Happiness awaits below,
projecting her myth upon an unsuspecting world,
tantalizing those who join the chase
with moments of unguarded pleasure,
Taunting those who dare to proclainm that attainment
with a renewed vigor,
For without the myth of happiness we are left with
the residue of despair and emptiness,
cold ashes left as the spoor of happiness until
the rainbow-run begins anew.
Nighttime magic neverending

Shattered Pieces Scattered

Life, in its cruelest form
leaves hearts broken
Shattered pieces scattered
an aching emptiness
without any remedy

As we wander throughout the empty days
aimlessly pondering love's effects, losses
lives tossed aside -
torn from an already lonely soul
leaving nothing but
shattered pieces scattered

O but when one rides the stars on loves' magic
all is right with the world.

The Beckoning

Come closer love,
Fear not fate's forces nor fantasy's familiarities
Drift not away love
rather feel yourself drawn magically
magnetically closer
Strange are the chemistries of the charade
that is life
Lie there not cloistered within the confines
of a cold calamitous void,
Embrace what is within you, who you are,
She who is and she who will be
So come closer love
and have no fear of life's diversities
Falter not, love, in your beliefs


Massage your mind with wondrous imaginings
Delight in the flavor of loving life
for the child in each of us
retains love's initial innocence.

Marvelous feelings flowing freely from the
fount of my soul
Lips spewing forth breathless platitudes
Endless litanies of life's longings.

Can one be sure of passionate desire?
But more than passion, eons past desire
Complete giving of oneself to the warmth
of another

Lissom bodies languishing in love's long embrace
Charged corpuscles racing through
the pulsating arteries of passion's

Oh sweet desire
ever driving me forward through life's
back roads
Helping me to discover the far reaches of
emotion's wide spectrum
Enabling me to feel, with all that is you,
a oneness
a totality
a summation of my existence.

O' fragile daughter of Cytherea
dare I desire you with all-consuming passion
To become one with you.
Dare I kneel before you with sweet desire
To take you on life's lustful journey
Dare we bow before love
To ride the passionate chariot of Eros?

Massage your mind with wondrous imaginings,
my love
Delight in the flavor of loving life
for the maturity within us
preserve's love's rapture.


Here I sit and write trying to compare you
with a sunny summer day
There is no comparison,
your glow outshines the sun
your warmth warms my heart
o so much more.
Then what, my love can I compare you with?
A blossoming flower, fragrant in its birth?
An inquisitive kitten, ever curious in its
A newborn pup, innocent and afraid?

No, love. For comparisons there are none
For you are yourself...all of you,
and to compare you with anything.
anyone, is but an injustice to you
for you are incomparable
A woman
wandering through life's maze
tasting of life's fruits
enjoying life's pleasures
feeling life's pain.

Comparisons are made by poets to express love,
but love,
unconquerable love,
incomparable love
needs no such expression.
It exists, not to be compared, but rather
to be shared,
in mutual passion.


They say that butterflies are free
to roam and wander
only to return to their birthplace.

As the butterfly is free,
so too are we
Free to roam and wander in spirit
Only to return to each other
For you are my birthplace, and I yours.

And our hearts are linked eternally
Bound by love, freed by love

Our linked spirits may rise
free as the butterfly
To explore life and all of its offerings
Together, forever.


I came home with my dreams last night,
memories ripping away the tissues of fantasy
leaving the cold truth churning up my insides
For who are we to question what we do,
What right have I to meddle in the lives of others?
What meaning can there be in hurt?

Yes, I came home with my dreams last night
leaving love safely behind me
nestled away for another.
Love, with its warmth and caring
hidden there, breathing, animate, alive
waiting to be rekindled
but not for me.

Tears once hot, love-laden now creep icily
down a wretched torn face
scarred by love's hurts,
lines etched by responsibility
so deep as to be engrained throughout
the soul.

Oh, I came home with my dreams last night
and they were nightmares!


Hungrily yearning for your touch,
I sit waiting as eons seemingly pass
for the multitudes
while for me it is but mere seconds;
But no, being apart from you, each second is
multiplied a thousand-fold more
While all the world continues on, a snailspace
is my inner pace
while my heart thunders
calling your name.

Miss you? Without you I am whole still,
but only half a whole
twice a whole together.

And while the world muddles in its morass of
middle-class mediocrity
We will rise, with laughter,
with smiles
with a special spirited love
which will take us above the rest
until we come to rest
within each other,
knowing, believing
trusting, receiving
to them
A new meaning of love
A definition of our emotions
to be envied by all
to be understood by few
to be cherished
by us.

Reality's Fantasy / Fantasy's Reality

Hands numbed by morality's bounds
Desirous lips
revealing, appealing
Protected by virtue's rigid confines.

Reality's fantasy offering
sweet slow pleasure
A liquescent duet
writhing within love's languid labor.
Lust's fragrant scent waxing and waning
with love's lifetide
climbing at a breathless pace
building to that final crescendo

Fantasy's reality
everpresent is
Smouldering 'neath the surface
wrapped in virtue's omnipotent facade
Reality's fantasy lies
awaiting her awakening
in anxious anticipation,
treasuring reality
coveting fantasy.


Love's hypnotic rhapsody washes over me
It's bewitching spell drowning my soul
in wavewashed ecstasy
As I submit myself to her unparalleled
Pondering an endless horizon, I wonder at
the endlessness of my feelings;
Joy soaring to boundless altitudes
Love, burning with an intensity which will
scorch the earth
purging it of hate,
Love, unbound and endless, which
will nourish the world,
feeding those lonely souls
who have never known Love.

My heart intones endless litanies,
for my love for you is as a religion,
and you, as a goddess
of all that is beautiful and sublime
inhabit the temple that is my
Presiding over my emotions and desires
with arms outstretched
and understanding in your heart.


Lithe language igniting my soul
Burning, yearning, desire billowing
Dizzily dancing on the ceiling
Pockets of passion possessing me
Langorous, lilting, loving loins
Joining in joyous
A beautiful battle of bouncing bodies
Coming in a cacaphony of copulation
Giving gratefully, gracefully growing
Mind-mending, bending breathing
Reaching rapture, caress and capture
Controlled clawing, clowning, cleansing
Gnawing knowledge never-ending
That you are my one
of Love.

Ode to Your Body

The creative juices flow,
Warm, wet a slight push

Your sexuality is absolute, overpowering
Body to body
Sweet ecstasy
Two bodies, giving of themselves,
in the creation of love.

Two beings climbing to the very gates of Heaven
Spiraling down again
Only to rise again
in sexual ecstasy
Your body, sculpted beautifully,
as only done by
is an immortal work of art
Worshipped by me.
Waves of sensuality overpowering me
Drowned in love's sweet power.

Laying, floating, swimming, dreaming
Experiencing you as only I can
As a humble soul
in love
with you
excited by
your soul
Touched by your life
totally, honestly
giving all of me
to only you


As beautiful as you are
There is one fairer still
And she is the beauty within you
That makes my life fulfilled

For beauty is a wonder
A creation to behold
A heartfelt joy for living
For such beauty never grows old

And you my darling sweetheart
Possessor of all my love
For you and only you alone
I thank the heavens above

For you possess both beauties
The beauty within and without
Having those creations
I love you without a doubt.

Seeds of Love

The starchild, daughter of the heavens
bursts forth from her cherished abode
To visit herself upon the earthly plane
Child of nature that she is,
She immerses herself in the seas
bathing her body in the curative salts
of evermoving ocean currents.

And as a maiden of the sea, she rises
to greet the dawn of the coming day
Clothed in the raiment of the radiance of love
Her hair shimmering in golden waves
of sunlit majesty.
Her laughter, like crystalline melodies
blesses the earth
Tinkling bells of bemusement beckoning
forth the elven folk.
Those beings whose existence belies belief
And she in her merriment calls them forth
to bless their spritely spirits.
For they are the embodiment of fantasy
where earth's dreams are stored
and given freely
To those who dare to dream.

The starchild, she born of the heavens,
now borne by the sea, walks the earth
And her path is illumned in love's haloed light.
For she brings to the earthly plane
love's truth
To be planted as seedlings
in the bowers of the chosen few
The babes that will nurture the seedlings,
and grow themselves, as well
in spirit and soul
to become the dreamers, the lovers
the souls of love
Guardians of the gift of the
Gods and Goddesses.

And they will reap the inheritance
of the starchild
Driven magically to each other
as they listen to the melody
of the heavens
Finding each other, in the beclouded
morass of earth's collective ego.

As lovers and dreamers they will pass on
the seedling
through lifetimes together
of learning and love
And in their merriment, so apparent to all,
will be their knowing
their knowledge
of the mystical magical
Brought by the starchild
to seed the earthly plane
with her gift
from the universe.


She soars on the vespers of love's sweet song
My angel of the open heart
Her beauty beams from within
Colors brightly coalesced
reflecting as a rainbow
the emotions of her heart
She soars on the heavenly melody
of love's heartsong
My angel of the open heart
Her womanhood defining her being
her girlchild defining her essence

She is enveloped in a blanket of love
wrapped warmly, safely in the
silken strands of summer sunshine
While outside wintry gales blow

She soars, wafting on warm summer breezes
My angel of the open heart
For she is loved, nay not loved
but more, much more
Beloved and adored is she, angel of the universe
Her green eyes laugh with love's endless sonnet
Her mouth, sweet lips pouting,
kisses the sunlight as my angel basks
in the majesty of love.

She soars on the vespers of love's sweet song
My angel of the open heart
And the universe is blessed
by her presence.

Bough of Sadness

The breeze whispers through the pine
bringing her soft voice to me
It is carried ever lightly
as I sit alone
neath sad snow laden boughs.

The trees, tall in their majesty
with arms upraised
ask for love.
For their boughs do bend
as a shoulder shrug
Love me, they cry silently
as stalwart they stand.

The trees sigh in the breeze
with the song of her melody
A longing sigh
for love lost long ago
And they stand and listen
in silent hope
for the return of the one.

And the breeze continues its journey
Lightly touching each bough with her voice
And the boughs forever remain saddened
With the loss of yet another
Until, alone, they break
and fall.


Pippin died last night

A perpetual motion puppy
by a machine
An innocent floppy eared mutt
lost to this earth

Pippin died last night

His tail wagging in a last goodbye
His soulful eyes dazed
His fragile body crushed

Pippin died last night

To be reborn perhaps
To bring joy and happiness
to a more deserving soul

Pippin died last night and his world
Tears shed for the happiness he brought
and the memories he left

Pippin died last night.

Love Is!

Love, frozen in the arms of time's rigid confines
Bound by society's right and wrongs
Pleas for understanding unheard by mute-rigid culture
To live within these bounds is painful
To love within these bounds, torturous
Two souls reaching, as one, for love's
precious possession
Only to be beaten by other's evil thoughts.

Love, that most powerful of all emotions,
is powerless
in the face of society.
Why can not those binding confines
be broken?
Why must society's mores be so rigid?
What right has society to stop love
when it cannot stop war?

Let us not waste tears on what cannot be
But rather rejoice in what is
What we have had, what we will have.
Let us not dwell on what might have been
but rather on what is allowed to us,
For most people are not even allowed that.

Love is allotted to a few special people;
those that can truly understand its pain
and its glory
For without that pain there can be no love,
merely companionship.
To say "I love you" is not enough
for it reaches far beyond that. . .
into 'friendship' and faith
and understanding.

To hold you, for thoughts to merge as one,
to caress you,
look at you
embrace you
is but a facet of love.

I, with humble and sometimes trite words, try to
explain and exclaim my love
but it is impossible
to bind a soul to paper.

Love Is!

Copyright © 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.