Memories in A-Minor

The years flash by stabbing tormenting haunting me with microcosmic reminders of false happiness
Tenderness tainted with the poison that memories are coated with.
Joyful tear-wrenching memories polluting my soul with their sugar-coated smoothness
Sickly-sweet corn-syrup filling the cracks and crevices that were the badtimes, overflowing the depressions that were the nightmares.
A quicksand puddle of memories in which to drown.

Charismatic Parasite

There she stands, the center of attention, a tower of babble
Alone in a crowd of people, commanding demanding


And oh how they crowd around, paying homage, taken in by charismatic ramblings
Nothingness coming from her mouth, yet soothsaying to the swarm
Sweet honey drippings oozing like a mire, a stench emanating from
that foul mouth,


That center of attention feeds upon itself as a ravenous roach
Demanding yet more, yet her wrath be felt if that nucleus should shift to another.

As an ignored child snivels in its corner so does maturity dissolve in wretchedness,
With unabated rage unleashed upon the world.

The charismatic parasite feeds upon the adoration of others
and grows in her strength
While those who adored shrivel and die in a morass of terror.


As a ring encircles the finger,
so my completion encircles me
An intertwining of life's beginnings and endings
meeting in a journey of souls,
as an enchanting enhancement of life's offerings.

That circlet of sanctification purifies the spirit
offering its serene blanket of self-attainment
to those who probe its endlessness.

Love envelopes the soul, caressing ever gently
the wafting ether with her kisses,
The vermillion tinged emerald meadows
bare their essence to her glory
Offering up their expanse as a sun-drenched blanket
to love's proclivities.

Completedness flowing from one to the other and back again
as a ring of fire,
soft passion burning away layers
of past impairments to completion,
old hurts cauterized in the fervor of frenzied healing
renewal, sweet renewal singing above the meadows
as lovers soar in their circle of completion.

And the ring spins,
twirling round about in its perpetual journey
as love spins her web of joy

joining hearts
in completion.

Dealin' with Feelings

Just layin' here
Dealin' with feelings
Emotions soaring upon dreams updrafts
Panoramic psychic sightseeing
of life's gentleness
Yes, for you, yes, I give
of my incessant essence freely, unashamedly
My love, for you are truly loved.
My beloved lady
woman of complexity
Come, take my hand
Let us seek together that which
has eluded us seperately.

Just layin' here
Dealin' with sweet sweet reality

Daydreams nightdreams the truth of you
loving you in love
with you
The reality of us
that togetherness thing
Drinking of life's sweet nectar
Joy tearsan trickling, as a light Spring shower
adding to that nectar
their own special dulcet elation
Mixing molecules of joy love happiness us
to a polymer of potent passion
Energized spirituality swathed in the suppleness
of synergystic somnambulism
Strolling the lifepaths in concurrent commonality.

Just layin' here
Dealin' with feelings
of the complexity and the simplicity
of loving


Your aura slices thru the fog of my life's tedium
Illuminating my world, my reality, as never before
Your essence shines as a beacon guiding me through the straits of misfortune
Others may founder 'neath waves of wanton wistfulness,
much as I once did in the world before.
I, blessed by your caring, your beauty
caressed by evanescent crescendoes of the heretofore
believed lies of love's many masks,
I go forward, buoyed by fingers of flame-licked passion.

I rejoice in your wondrous innocence,
The mist kisses me gently
with moistened lips of shimmering liquid dreams
as sunrise awakens the soul that was once and is again.
My love, in truth unmasked, bared for the world
glows golden and warm in my wanderings
But yet is but a cold flame overwhelmed by your goodness.

And the sunrise is you, awakening
The lamp aura lit and shining as a homecoming beacon
Calling me to your bosom,
your heart opening itself to my joy,
As I draw near to you
the glow within me strengthens
As we nurture each other
with the honeyed flower of resilient reunification.

We meet again, my love, and again and again
for we know the past as we do the future
and the curtain will unfold
before us.

Prelude of Time

Time cycles us upon its endless track
searching for completion and fulfillment
We travel upon time's carousel innocently
whirling 'round as we glimpse vistas of possibilities
And those few who dare, reach out
to grasp a memory to keep forever.

That precious prelude to life's completion is love
For to love is to share
one's essence of being
with others
Love can whirl 'round us as we
oblivious to the obvious
continue our search
Reaching out to the ether for memory traces.

I have whirled 'round on the carousel
for countless spins
Grasping ghosts and illusion
My ring not complete.

The calliope of love piped out its tune
As my carousel slowed
And a vista of wondrous beauty
unclouded my foggy being
As I gazed 'pon your essence reflection
Radiating reason unto my obscurity.

Acute vision, honed by rainbowed ridges of inner peace
shows the way as I step from the carousel
Into the timeslip of life's futures.

The LoveSpace

There is a place on earth for us,
or is it really on earth?
A warm and cozy home
where nurturing and nourishment are an everyday affair.

An amorphous ambiguent space
constantly shifting in locale
adjusting to our presence, a place where love is born
and dreams come true.

There is a space for us,
among the willow groves beyond the frog filled creek,
a space of we of love and joyful understanding
Where sunlight filters through love's silken threaded bower
and lights the dreams of the travelers.

The love space of the intertwined,
braided as a Mobius strip neverending trip,
pillows the Eros-touched dreamers in clouds of passion
as they travel in their ever-changing universe.

The beauty of She endears the space to the Universe
making it as one with time,
the love space endless timeless as her reality
And She creates beauty, instilling it upon her surroundings
As She inhabits the space.

So the two do love and in their love is born
the fragments of future,
the seeds of other lovespaces places
unalive as yet but awaiting
the dreams and hopes of the Others
Those whose longings and passion
inspire them to never abandon their quest
For them the love space does exist and grow
awaiting their entrance
as they exit from an imperfect world of loneliness.

Our love space is a place
where dreams and hopes have come to life
And where we can grow and become
a love entity unto each other
Safe from the whining winds of wistful anguish
blowing from the icy soul of solitude.

Concrete Tears

I walk the concrete streets with tears
Memories ripped inside out
erased and gone
Street rhythms tatooing in my soul
My eyelids shutter as streetscenes
imprint upon my mind.

I walk the streets alone again
except for the tears as my companions
For sharing the tableaux with you
is my desire

To walk the concrete streets in joy
arms entwined
Partaking of the city beat
our souls synchronized to its pace

I walk the concrete streets anew
alone no more
For I am renewed
imbued with your spirit
Replacing the pain of past purgatories
with a dance of destiny.

I walked the concrete streets with tears
and proven false memories
juggled images of past perogatives awry
but now with you
We can slow dance to the concrete street harmony
made by us.


Lake breezes kiss the wavelets
Azure blue dreams come true
Shoresounds seeping into consciousness
Aqua tranquility drifts like so much flotsam
permeating the poisoned soul;
immersed in a sphere of sacrificial metamorphosis
the soul rises
floating upwards to the light,
lightening as it loses caked-on layers
of long-time whip-lashed wounds of life

Rejuvenation as the soul rejoices in waterbirth
A vessel with but a vestige of unenlightened emotional anchors
Weighed against a world of reawakened awareness.

Beware you bondaged souls
bandaged but for the moment
For the sterility of your world will shatter you
Fragmenting your universe into crystalline shards
Each a newborn entity
giving rise to renascent reunification
And you
We meet again for not the first time
But yes the first time
Renewing love lost regained
Rejoined as one
Rejoicing in the music of our immersion in us
For eons future
Ages past
Present perfect.


The totality of your femininity radiates from within you,
it's awesome aura of sexuality
insidiously making it's presence known
throughout my body...........

Crimson liters of liquid lust pulsating to an eternal rhythm
giving life to once-dead desires;
frenetic fantasy dreams demanding fulfillment
in their ascendance from fiction
Reality's impregnable fortress of frustration
crumbling under uncontrolled thoughts of
silken lips
beckoning pouting
A tonguetip hot
pink and moist peeks out
longing to taste that saltsweet symbol
of ultimate femininity
A throbbing heart, lifted by your aura,
driven by it's incompletedness to
heights of splendored adoration,
racing madly
towards that ultimate climax of symphonic harmony...........

The totality of your femininity spreads itself outward
as an eternally flowing flood of pure passion
lest loose upon this loveless desert
to fertilize barren fantasy.

Pastoral Passion

A soft caress, a whisper
a quiet joy in life
Serene sun-drenched meadows
holding lover' secret thoughts
in their wild-flowered furrows.
Gentle winds ever so lightly embracing lovers
wrapped in passion's
silken blanket.
The rhythmic song of the cicada providing
an iambic melody for lovers' yearnings
Floating clouds creating a snowy ciborium
above an arborean altar
Whilst lovers partake of each other
in aphrodisiacal rites of adoration.
A soft caress, a whisper
a quiet joy in life
for their world is at peace
as they lay entwined
in each other's arms.


As the fawn treads lightly in
the moss-laden forest
A serene stillness envelopes
the earth

Even as my love lies still,
Unawakened by dawn’s
sweet caress,
her warmth embraces the earth.

Emotions, unbound by earthly cares,
begin to soar on soft
spring breezes
as morning unfolds her
fragrant bouquet.

I watch, entranced, as my love stirs
ever so slowly in her bower,
Emerald eyes yet clouded with
tender dreams of compassion

I wonder at her beauty
surpassing that of spring morn’s,
and her gentleness,
caressing all that is good.

Showering in the morning dew
She stands
radiant and fresh
her face uplifted, aglow with
love’s vibrant aura,
facing a new day,
as I humbly stand beside her,
basking in her special radiance.

And she, secure in the knowledge of
my love,
embraces the world with her goodness
for she is the embodiment
of love
And she is you.

Excavation of the Mind

Twin tracks twining through thought
Pinpoints of light
Gray matter
dispersed throughout eternity
Thunderous explosions of thought
Snow blanket
Hushing all thoughts
Save those that please

Separation Anxiety

Scatterings Part I

You arouse the creative spirit within me
Guide my soul
Enrich my life
Ease my mind, electric one
Shock my soul
With your beauty
Your sexuality
Leaves me breathless
To satisfy you completely is a goal set
To create love
A religious experience
To live
for you
for me
for us
as one
for time
never ending
Comfort, freedom, relaxation
for us

Scatterings Part II

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Fairyland fantasy
Half of life is loving
Three-fourths of life is being loved
by you
When we're apart
I can savor the flavor of
your lips
Sweet, pouting, parting, soft
Your tongue, vital, sensual, tasting,
Separation of body in time only
But never from the senses
My mind reliving every moment spent
with you
Your face, your body, your soul
on my every nerve fiber
Indelible, uneradicable
My mind tastes you every moment
Caresses you constantly
Every part of me loving you
always all ways.

My very being trembling
Shouting to the world
Thread my soul with your being
Sew my body with your essence
Creation of love anew each day
Love immortal


My heart sings out for you in a soul-wrenching
Needing you to fill its canyons of sorrow and
longing as
Time's eternal springtide, awash on the shoals
of my soul,
endlessly erodes my consciousness
While I fall ever deeper into the chasm of love.

And, thus falling, I drink from the cup of
enthralled by life's offerings,
revelling in the delights of your love.

The sun, washing away life's misery with its
purifying beams of joy,
radiates a sense of growth and maturity;
Ripening a renascent, still dew-wet embryo,
evaporating the salt-laden seaspray
leaving a floating sweet aura of love and
enveloping a being, a spirit of beauty
and of goodness,
in all of your purity
in all of your radiance
to live on forever in my heart.


Wake up to life
and know what it is
Welcome Death
as release
Freedom from the struggle that we call life

Death, in her serenity, in her beauty
does not beckon
She comes when called
an obediant puppy
arriving with unconditional love
for she comes for all, undemanding
caressing the soul
with her tranquil tenderness.

Life, the demanding mistress,
calling for goals, for success
commanding attention
as she devours souls
her appetite ever unsated.

Yes, succeed at life's game
only to be caressed by death.
Look upon the many wanderers
trodding life's byways
The meanderers
and those who are driven
striving for success and achievement
What diference at endgame?
Death welcomes both equally to her bosom
And both achieve the goal
endless serenity

Santa Cruz Fantasy

The gray-blue wave curls heavenward
Tonguetip flicking the goddess-source
Her breast curves upon my soul
Erect nipple as a jetty in the ocean of my passion
Breaking the passionflow into a thousand shards
She is of the sea
Her juices flowing within
Saltsweet Hot seeking release
Relentessly flowing and ebbing
as the ebb and flow of her bodyharmony
in its rhythym of release
And the wave breaks upon itself
fracturing sunlight into a myriad of sparkling pinpoints
Rushing to the shore, to home, to life
To inhabit my soul
With her heat, her heart
the saltsweet essence
of she......of the sea.

Copyright © 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.