Hi, my name is Steve Bontadelli and computers are my hobby (with a little software sales and consulting business)…my main occupation is Grower-Shipper-Packer of two of the central coast of California's more unique crops, Brussels Sprouts and Artichokes . My other passion is basketball, which is where I derive my nickname.

Our area produces most of the Brussels Sprouts for the entire U.S.A., with many exported into Canada also. If you are really interested in sprouts you can check out my work site, Pfyffer Associates cyber sprouts stop.

Artichokes are much more popular, with most of the U.S.A. production also occurring here on the central coast. There are some wonderful recipes available on the net. A good one for parties is the hot artichoke dip (you really should use Triscuits) and I found several wonderful recipes and artichoke information here also.

I appreciate your interest in my site, and would appreciate any additions or comments you would like to make. I try and check out links as often as possible, but if you find a dead one please drop me a line and I'll fix it...