However useful the concept of a singularity, invented by Newton and Leibnitz, may be for precisely formulating mathematical expressions that describe reality, there are no examples of such in the real world. It is therefore not plausible to postulate the aforementioned popular delusions. Nothing starts from nothing and goes on indefinitely. Everything starts from something and encounters something that results in some sort of boundary.

Of course many of the triumphs of modern physics came about by defying what was formerly thought to be plausible so the principle or notion of plausibility for all intents and purposes has been discarded by the scientific community along with the proverbial bath water. In the long run this will turn out to be a mistake.

The evidence for the expanding universe rests almost exclusively on the premise that all red-shifts are Doppler red-shifts. The Black Hole is premised on the gravitational force being an inherent property of matter extrapolatable to indefinitely small pieces.

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