The Six Cellos

of the

Cabrillo Music Festival Orchestra


(Photos from 2008-09 are at this link)

2007, Judith sits in for Dorien, Roger pays a visit

August 5, 2006: Everyone is a conductor in Michael Daugherty's The Time Machine

Dorien de León, Lee Duckles, Virginia Kron, Donna Moore, Dan Levitov, Hilary Brown


August 6, 2005: We paddle down the Mississippi in Kevin Puts' "River's Rush." Dan Levitov (far left) joins the section this year, with Conductor Marin Alsop, Lee Duckles, Roger Emanuels, Donna Moore, Virginia Kron, and Dorien de León.

2005 fashion cello cases

August 7, 2004: "Screamer! - a three-ring blur for orchestra" by David Little was the perfect opportunity for our prank this year. Judith replaces Roger on leave.

August 1, 2003: Soprano Hila Plitmann sang Dracula by David del Tredici


2002 on Michael Daugherty's Route 66
Bruce Berry sits in for Donna this year


Great Christmas card 2001!


August, 2001

Nadine, Dorien, Lee, Virginia, Roger, Donna

Saturday, August 11, 2001, after a performance of The River by Virgil Thomson



Roger, Nadine, Virginia, Lee, Marin (gulp!), Donna, Dorien


August, 2000, Cellos Rule!


On August 13 we performed the north american premiere of James MacMillan's Triduum
Eric Bartlett was soloist in the Cello Concerto (1996)
Donna, Virginia, Lee, David, Eric, Roger, Dorien

August 14, 1999, Le Tombeau de Liberace, by Michael Daugherty
Terrence Wilson, piano, with the composer and Marin Alsop, conductor (at far right)
cello section outfits by Steve and Virginia
there is glitter still embedded in my cello's bridge 


Janet, Roger, Dorien, Donna, Lee, David


Such a handsome group


1998, Lee, Virginia, Donna, Janet, Roger, Nadine, Dorien



1998, we played Michael Daugherty's Metropolis (i.e. Superman) Symphony


1996, the movie year: Lee, David, Roger, Virginia, Donna, Karen


1995, Trouble in Tahiti: David, Nina, Roger, Virginia, Thalia, Karen


1994, on stage at the civic. Notice a late appearance by Ken Harrison.


1992, with Mark Summer of the Turtle Island String Quartet
David, Donna, Lee, Virginia, Nina, Mark, Roger


1991, from left: Lee Duckles, David Budd, Roger Lebow,
Nina Flyer, Roger Emanuels, Virginia Kron

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