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If you're in an educational setting where you feel you're not gaining what you'd like to gain, you may profit from moving into a new situation. For example, you may be enrolled as a sophomore in a traditional high school and gaining from your schoolwork far less than you're capable of, but you want to go to law school and need a way to get there. This kind of problem is Beach High School's specialty, whether or not you enroll as a student. It may be that you can simply set out on a new and more appropriate path, feel much more fulfilled on it, and get where you want to go even more easily than if you were on a traditional path. It's possible that all you need is guidance, and I may be able to provide the guidance you need to do one or more of the following.

  • change, possibly in major ways, the nature of your high school coursework.
  • shorten, perhaps drastically, the time you will spend on high school studies.
  • choose an appropriate college.
  • make early college admission possible.
  • devise a practical plan that suits you but does not involve formal academic education.

The idea that a conventional high school education is an essential part of any successful life is just as true as the fanciful notion that the sun is carried across the sky each day on the back of a turtle.

Fanciful Notions

Speaking of fanciful notions: a fairly consistent mythology of false belief has grown up around the California High School Proficiency Examination. It's often said that a Certificate of Proficiency is not good outside California, that you absolutely have to be 16 to take the Exam, and so on; none of this mythology has any basis in fact. The same kind of mythology is growing around Beach High School. Recently I've heard that a BHS diploma is no longer accepted at community colleges and that no BHS graduate has ever graduated from college, while the facts are that BHS diplomas have been and are being accepted at colleges all over California and in other states, and that lots of BHS graduates have done extremely well in college, earning high GPA's, becoming valedictorians, transferring from community colleges to prestigious four-year schools, and earning degrees and academic awards. If you'd like to have them, I can provide you with the individual stories of a number people who have earned degrees.

Recently a new student told me that her friends said it's stupid to go through BHS, and that it's an easy way out. I have to confess that I don't see the value in doing a lot of unnecessary hard work to get out of a bad situation. If you're trapped in a wrecked car on the highway, the quick and easy way out is the smart way out. If your school situation is a wreck, leave it.

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