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If you think you might want to enroll, contact me so that we can decide together whether you can accomplish your goals as part of Beach High School. If it appears that you can and you decide to enroll, request an enrollment form or download one here, fill it out, and get it to me; if you're under 18, you must get a parent to sign the form. You can then work toward your goals and ask for as much support from me as you want. I will do my best to make sure that your enrollment facilitates your reaching your goals; in particular, if you've chosen an academic path, I will pay attention to keeping your route into college open.

Beach High School, while very non-traditional, provides diplomas that are just as legal and legitimate as any other diploma from any other school. You should know, however, that BHS is not accredited. There is a small risk that an institution, organization, or business will not respect the fact that your diploma comes from a non-traditional school and will not accept your diploma. This has happened in a handful of cases that I know of, and I've graduated more than 900 people. This problem can sometimes be fixed by jumping through an additional hoop.

Students with BHS diplomas have been hired by major employers, PG&E for example; joined unions; attended vocational schools; and entered two- and four-year colleges with no problems at all. In many states, including California, a diploma is all you need to enter a community college (you don't even need a diploma if you're 18 or older). As with any other diploma, if you want to enter a four-year college, you must have done appropriate coursework and earned the required grades and test scores, or you must convince college officials with other evidence that you can be a successful student at their school. Since most BHS students skip much of high school, the coursework that gets them into four-year colleges is usually done at two-year colleges. It is possible, however, to enter a four-year college directly, as Jerimi Walker did. It is also possible to do coursework in other ways: through correspondence, for example, or even at a four-year school before being formally admitted. If you want to enter a four-year school without first attending a community college for some time, it's important to plan ways to meet the college's admission requirements.

The military is a special case. I have seen inconsistent and shifting policies in the military, and as a result do not attempt to inform potential students of military policy regarding Beach High School diplomas. If you are interested in joining the military, make sure you get a clear statement from recruiters about how the branch(es) of the military you're interested in will view a BHS diploma; ask if a BHS diploma is considered fully equivalent to a traditional high school diploma. If recruiters need more information, ask them to call me. Be wary in considering the military. Some BHS graduates have been treated by some branches of the military in ways that, in my opinion, have been unreasonable and unfair. Ask me about this if you want details.

If you live outside California, or you want a diploma for some specific purpose other than community college admission, be sure to discuss your situation with me.


Consultation: My consultation fee is $95 per hour. There is no fee for an initial consultation of up to a half hour dealing solely with the possibility of enrollment.

Enrollment: Most Beach High School students want to obtain a diploma after a short period of enrollment. This period is often a matter of a couple of weeks, but some people want more time to make the transition out of high school. The fee for an enrollment of up to two months is $175. This includes up to two hours of consultation.

Graduation: In most cases, students who want to graduate submit a minimal portfolio consisting of an essay and a letter of support; or answers to four questions, a letter of support, and two additional items that demonstrate skills, accomplishments, talents and interests. (See the "Graduation" page for more complete information.) A fee of $190 includes a framed diploma; three copies of a narrative transcript based on submitted material; and a 16-page pamphlet offering advice regarding post-high-school life. If all this cannot be picked up, it can be mailed for an additional fee of $10.

The total fee for short-term enrollment and graduation is $365 ($375 if documents are to be mailed).

Continuing enrollment: For a variety of reasons, some students want to stay enrolled for a period of many months or for a few years. Fees for long-term enrollment are variable depending on the studentís endeavors and the services provided. Fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the beginning of enrollment.

Extensive documentation: In some instances a student needs a transcript different from the ones I usually write. These transcripts are highly individualized and variable. Sometimes other documents are needed, documents such as the school reports that acccompany applications to colleges and universities. Fees in each invididual case will be discussed and agreed upon.

Additional transcripts: Each additional transcript is $5. Transcripts can be picked up at, or mailed from, Beach High School, and they can be sent directly to colleges, employers, and others when necessary.

Exceptions: If these fees are prohibitive, Iíll be happy to discuss the possiblity of payment over time and/or reduced fees.

Enrollment Form

The enrollment form is downloadable in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) and html format.

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